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The Similans are a group of nine tiny islands, all bestowed with National Park Status and are under the care of the Royal Forestry Department, famous for natural beauty and the incredible underwater paradise that can be seen from two to thirty-five meters. If you desire a place where you can spoil yourself, Trip Guru can think of no better place.

So what is it exactly that makes the Similan Islands so attractive? The Similan Islands house the greatest variety of corals and reef fish in all of Thailand, ensuring that even the most discerning of divers will not get bored. What makes these island’s coral different is the contrast between the eastern and western sides of the islands. The Western side has kept many of the soft corals safe and granite boulders have been cleaned, revealing formations, peaks, and canyons as deep as 30m. Over on the Eastern side, the boulders have been buried, and the beach gradually slopes down to the delight of many, who get to see the hard coral gardens.

The islands are surrounded by thick forests, where crab-eating monkeys, the Nicobar pigeon, langurs, bats, lizards and squirrels hide. Of these nine islands, Ko-hu Yong is well-known for being the beach where sea turtles can lay their eggs. Ko Ba-Ngu is affectionately referred to as “Skull Island,” and is home to various aquatic plants, corals and diverse schools of fish. Ko Similan is the largest island with a large rock formation that resembles a boat. It’s the most suitable island for diving, especially if you love looking at coral gardens.

As it is a National Park, people looking for a place to stay can check into some bungalow-type guesthouses in the 4th island, Ko Miang, where the National Park Headquarters is. Visitors are advised to bring food and drinks if they wish to fully experience the great outdoors, as camping is permitted. To get to the Similan islands, depart from Thamp Lamu pier, which is 10km away from Khao Lak. From Route 4, go south and make a right turn into A4147 road, opposite Wat Lak Kan. The entire journey takes 3 hours, and the best times to visit the Islands are from December to April. 



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