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Discover Sukarara Village - Lombok


Tourists will all agree that coming home with a souvenir in tow is a sign that their experience in the foreign destination was a triumphant one. A memento within their grasps is like having a little piece of the city or country they have visited. This is just one of the many beauties that come from these simple items. From big to small, antique or new, souvenirs have become a sort of treasure to a lot of travelers. Now, although the most obvious option to acquire such trinkets is to purchase them in the local market, the Sukarara village in Lombok has placed their own spin on their souvenirs, and added the traveler in the mix.

In the Jonggat district, Central Lombok is where the people of the Sukarara village call home. Surrounded by beautiful trees, carriages that are pulled by galloping horses, and their traditional homes made out of dried fibers, travelers are welcomed with the warmest greetings, making this place one of the best stops in Lombok Island. However, though the environment matches with the local’s personality, the village of Sukarara is famously known for their more colorful endeavors. Weaving might not appeal to many people, but in this village, this art form has become their way of life. Using techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation, the people of Skarara creates some of the most beautiful products that the world has ever seen. Every scarf, skirt, blankets and the like are delicately and masterfully done by hand. With an array of complimentary colors all decorated with white or gold patterns, picking out which cloth to bring home can challenge even the most bargain savvy visitors; but if you are the type of traveler who prefers a hands-on approach, do not be shy and ask the villagers for a few weaving tips, and they will reward you with a 1-on-1 lesson.

Trip Guru would like to remind travelers that before you get to the Sukarara Village, you must bring enough money with you, if you want to purchase their products, because the nearest ATM is miles away. Also, if ever you do purchase their woven goods, make sure to ask how to properly maintain them because their materials are usually more sensitive than the ones that are made commercially.

To get to the village via public transport, you need to take a vehicle heading to Mataram-Beratis (3,000 IDR), Beratis-Praya (6,000 IDR) and stop at the Renteng bus station. From there, you can ride a cidomo, but it’ll cost you 5,000 IDR per person. 



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