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Discover Sukau and Sungai Kinabatangan - Kota Kinabalu


Although most tourists prefer spending their vacation on popular destinations and the buzzing city nightlife, there are a handful of people who want to experience a different kind of adventure. Searching for unique and one of a kind journey, these types of travelers would often detach themselves from the crowd, and visit the untouched or natural parts of their chosen city or country. If ever they do find themselves in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, they are heading to the track. Because not far from this city lies Sukau and Sungai Knabatangan. These sites are perfect for those who love the outdoors and want experience Sabah’s wildlife first hand. Surrounded by thick blankets of plants and various species of fauna, visitors are always left in awe with the numerous things they are able to see.

Discovering the many wonders of Kota Kinabalu whilst riding on a river boat is possible, however, travelers need to visit the Sukau Rainforest Lodge first before doing so. Located on the banks of Sungai Kinabatangan, this award winning lodge is at the center of Malaysia’s magnificent wildlife. Travelers are awoken with the sights, sounds, and smells of the rainforest, and are shaken with disbelief when they finally realize that this marvelous natural background is right at their fingertips. Visitors are allowed to traverse its terrains via the provided boardwalk, but the best way to see the rainforest in its entirety is along Sungai Kinabatangan.

This river is the second longest in Malaysia that stretches 560 kilometers from its headwaters in the mountains of southwest Sabah, to its outlet at the Sulu Sea. Trip Guru highly recommend visitors to take the opportunity and ride the relaxing waves of the waters because, not only is it the easiest way to admire landscape, but it is also the best chance to spot orangutans, Bornean gibbons, western tarsiers, pygmy elephants, and the like.

The fastest way to get to Sukau Rainforest Lodge from Kota Kinabalu is by hopping on a plane heading to Sandakan Malaysia. From there, travelers can take a ferry to Sukau from the harbor. Depending on your intention, the rates of the lodge varies, but if you are there solely for the rainforest and the river, it’ll cost you around 5,001 MYR.



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