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Discover Taal Volcano - Manila


If you are a traveler who loves the thought of hiking on an active volcano, Trip Guru suggests a day trip to Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. Taal Volcano (also called Volcano Island) is in the middle of Taal Lake which is in Taal Caldera which was created during a prehistoric eruption. Within Taal Volcano, there is a crater lake upon which there is a small island. Taal Volcano is active and is classified as a Decade volcano due to its close proximity to the populated areas that surround Taal Lake.

From Tagaytay, travelers can take a boat to cross Taal Lake and get to the Volcano. Be prepared to get wet as you make the crossing on the small motorized outrigger boats (Bangka). Taal Volcano is quite small and easy to hike. You can follow the well-worn path up to Taal Volcano's crater and have a beautiful view of the crater lake's glass-like surface. Locals believe that bathing in the crater lake can cure skin diseases due to its sulfur content. Horseback riding to and from the crater is also available on the island. 

If you are hiking without a guide, please familiarize yourself with the eruption precursors like (but not limited to): volcanic quakes, strong sulfuric odor, ground inflation or fissuring, etc. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) regularly issues notices and warnings about current activity at Taal. Travelers are advised to bring a hat, sunscreen, and a lot of water.

To get to Taal Volcano, ride a provincial bus going to Lipa or Batangas via Tanauan. If in doubt, ask the bus driver if the bus will pass by Tanauan as some buses to Lipa or Batangas will take a different route.  Alight at Tanauan bus stop and take a jeepney to Talisay. You can then hire a boat to take you across Taal Lake. 




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