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If you love architecture, engineering wonders, and visiting iconic landmarks, Trip Guru suggests a visit to the Taiwan's famous Taipei 101. At 508m, Taipei 101 (also known as the Taipei Financial Center) held the title of World's tallest building until March 10, 2010. Taipei 101 is the tallest green building in the world, both in color and being environmentally friendly, awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Platinum certification in 2011. The distinctive shape of the building's stacked segments of eight floors each evokes a bamboo shoot, an Asian pagoda, or a stack of ancient Chinese ingots.

The main draw of Taipei 101 is the observation deck, which provides a panoramic view of Taipei. Towering over Taipei, you are afforded an unobstructed view as the city spreads out under you. There are two observation decks, the 89th Floor and 91st Floor. The 91st Floor has a separate ticket than the 89th Floor and is accessible from the 89th Floor via a stairway – there is no elevator to the 91st Floor but it does have an outdoor deck for a skywalking experience. On the 89th Floor observation deck is an access way to the interior-viewing platform to the building's most famous engineering wonder - the skyscraper's mass damper. The awe-inspiring 5.5m wide, 660-ton gold-painted steel ball prevents the building from severely swaying in typhoons or earthquakes. Upon exiting the observation deck is an exhibit of beautiful and exotic coral jewelry. Taipei 101's classy shopping mall is home for flagship designer-label fashion stores and luxury restaurants. Ride the escalator down to Basement 1 level for Taipei's largest food court that can seat up to 1,200 diners.

Expect long queues at the 5th Floor ticketing and observation deck entrance and going back down. The observatory elevators travel at 63kph and will only take 39 seconds to get from the 5th Floor to the observation deck. If you want to take terrific pictures of the breathtaking Taipei cityscape, go in the morning as Taipei 101's lights may glare off the viewing windows.

To get to Taipei 101, take the MRT Red Line (Xianshan train) to Taipei 101 station. Or take the MRT Blue Line to Taipei City Hall station, a short 10 minute walk to the building also gives you an opportunity to view the outside of the Taipei 101. The observation deck is open 10AM to 10PM daily (except during a few days of the Lunar New year). The 91st Floor observation deck is only open when weather permits and travelers are advised to confirm at the ticket booth if they want to go to the 91st Floor. Every New Year, Taipei 101 is the site of a Taiwan's signature fireworks display.



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