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Discover Taipei's Night Markets - Taipei


The best way to experience the raw culture of a place, far away from tour guides and package tours is to sample the food. But not just any food--the best way to completely experience the full culture of a country and its people is to sample the food at the market. Trip Guru just can't suggest anything better than a visit to Taipei's nightmarkets. While there are plenty of night markets, there are only a few that have, over the years perfected their craft of making a certain Taiwanese delicacy, and that is what makes it worth trying: the beauty of the well-established street stall doling out crowd favorites, to give you an authentic taste of Taipei.

When on a foodtrip, it's important to know where you're going, and the Shilin Night Market is the most well-known name in Taipei. Now the problem is, because it's well-known, Shilin has tourists swarming around it--but for those new to the city and the food that's being offered, it's definitely the best place to start. If you see a couple of stalls selling a Taiwanese sausage inside a sticky rice bun (da chang bao xiao chang) get one--it's a very popular type of street food in Taipei. Afterwards, walk along the stalls and just enjoy the walk, using all of your senses. Before leaving, fall in line for Hot Star's large fried chicken: it's a very large, very crispy chicken cutlet that's filling and delicious with rice and a cup of bubble tea.

To get to the Shilin Market, take the MRT to JianTan station, on the red line. Take the escalator from the platform to the street level. You'll know it's the right one if you see the ticket halls and public restrooms there. Take Exit 1. If you're underneath the elevated railway line, that's the right way. Walk outside onto the concrete and follow WenLin road until you get to the pedestrian road crossing. Steer clear of the first crossing and walk on under the trees and another to the second one which allows you to cross to the beginning of the market area. Once you cross the road, you're at the huge maze of shops and stalls that is the Shilin Market. The market is open from 11:00am to 2:00pm.



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