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Discover Tanjung Aan Beach - Lombok


Travelers, who have been to Lombok, Indonesia, are well aware of the island’s numerous beaches. Because of its unique features and appearance, a lot of tourists make it a point to visit at least one of them to be able to create the best beach memories and experience. Among all the beaches of Lombok, however, nothing is as gorgeous or as sunny as Tanjung Aan.

Located to the south coat of Lombok Kuta Beach, Tanjung Aan is known to be a paradise for those who are in love with the sun and waves. Here, travelers are immediately greeted by the tropical scent of the Indian Ocean and its pepper-like sands. Visitors, who love to immerse themselves in the waters and/or challenge themselves with a rewarding hike, will definitely find activities that will satisfy their thirst for adventure. If you want to see Tanung Ann in its full, landscape beauty, head towards the top of any of the surrounding hills, and be amazed with a glorious sight. Of course, swimming, surfing, and snorkeling are also available. If you forgot to bring your equipment to do these activities, do not worry; there are establishments in the area where you can get high quality gear. Also, a number of straw umbrellas are placed around Tanjung Aan, the perfect little hideaway for those who just want to simply feel the ocean’s breeze tickle their skin.

Trip Guru would like to remind future visitors to be mindful of their actions. Tanjung Aan Beach is just one of the many gorgeous areas in Lombok, and in order to preserve its natural beauty, please do your best to clean up your trash, produce minimal waste, and not to disturb the local wildlife – if they are encountered.

Tanjung Aan Beach is just 75km away from the city of Mataram, and if ever you find yourself in this city and wish to visit this humble patch of paradise, you can take a private car or motorcycle, follow the route and head to Cakranegara  – Kediri – Praya – Batunyale – Sengkol – Rambitan – Sade – Kuta, and then finally to the beach. If you plant to take a public vehicle from Sengkol, make sure it is heading to the Kuta route. This option will cost you around 10,000 IDR. After that, use or rent a motorcycle to reach the area.



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