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Discover Tanjung Rhu Beach - Langkawi


The Tanjung Rhu Beach got its name from the many willow evergreen trees that grow along the beach and in large portions on the island. It also has one of Langkawi's most beautiful shorelines, accessible after filling out an environmental protection form. If you're the type of traveller that can appreciate the sights of nature, undisturbed by people, then Trip Guru can suggest that your enjoyment will be complete at the Tanjung Rhu Beach.

Walking along the beach is romantic as it is beautiful. The sand is sugar-white and fine as powder, and there aren't many people to disturb you. Photographers will have a treat getting the island's best angles, and you can cool off any time you like with fresh coconut water, lounging on one of the huts set up outside for the best view of the sea, with the salt air gently caressing your face. There is also a restaurant where you can munch on traditional Malay food to stave off hunger. Truly, this beachside retreat offers maximum privacy, and the rustic lifestyle can make you feel as if you have an entire beach all to yourself, safely tucked away from the pressures of work or school. It's ideal for contemplating upon life as well.

Nearby, you can also visit Black Sand Beach, or Shark Bay Beach. And if you can get to Tanjung Rhu Beach earlier than 10 in the morning, you can follow the road behind the Tanjung Rhu stalls, leading to a small river. If it isn't low tide, you can rent a boat and experience a small tour of the lush, green mangroves. You can also rent a boat to visit some of the nearby islands, or to observe the beauty of the limestone formations on the sand.

Getting to the Tanjung Rhu Beach from Langkawi will only take half an hour, with no traffic, using a rental car. First, head east towards Jalan Dato Syed Omar/Route 273, then continue to Persiaran Putera/Route 110. Turn right onto Jalan Ayer Hangat/Route 112, and at the roundabout, take the third exit onto Jalan Tanjung Rhu/Route 111. Continue to follow the Jalan Tanjung Rhu/Route 111, and the beach should be to your right.


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