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Discover Tenganan Pegringsingan - Bali


The Tenganan Pegringsingan is a famous Bali Aga village, where the people are warm and welcome to tourists. They are known as the original Balinese people and live in this walled village. Inside, all the houses look exactly alike, and these people still hold religious ritual ceremonies and do their best to live the pure and clean lifestyle of the ancient Balinese. If you’re interested in seeing their simple, refreshing way of life, Trip Guru highly recommends a trip to see this charming village.

While there, expect to see plenty of dogs, roosters, and cows roaming around. There are also brightly colored roosters in bamboo cages, used for cockfights. Cockfighting is a thousand-year-old tradition in Balinese Hinduism and is used to expel evil spirits. Within the courtyard, these villagers share as much as they can with each other. Tenganan Pegringsingan also has palm wine available. This is also a great place to buy Balinese calendars on special palm leaves, and the women excel in weaving and create special double ikat cloth. You can also watch them weave these beautiful works of art.

The double ikat is a technique that utilizes a pattern that is placed on both parts of the cloth prior to stringing it on the loom and is only made in Tenganan. This technique requires much skill and the patterns that are still being made today were the same patterns that were used hundreds of years ago. The Balinese also wear these double ikat fabrics for religious ceremonies. The dye is also a labor of love, created organically from local plants. This village offers a peek into what a lifestyle free from technology could be like.

To get to Candidasa, it’s a 60 to 80 minute trip from Sanur along the east coast road and is reachable from Ubud. Candidasa is 15 or 20 minutes further east from Padang Bai, where the public ferries from Lombok land. You can also take a perama shuttle bus to Candidasa from Sanur, Kuta, Ubud, Padang Bai and Lovina. Come early as you can get to explore the village by yourself, and even talk to the villagers for a while.



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