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Discover Tha Lane Bay - Krabi


If you’re the type of traveller that’s adventurous and always willing to try new things, Trip Guru highly recommends the adventure of a lifetime—kayaking in Tha Lane Bay. It’s known as the Muddy Bay, and completely worth it to paddle through at a leisurely pace to enjoy all that the bay has to offer—from beautiful views of limestone cliff formations, mangroves full of wildlife and even say hello to cave paintings left behind by Moken sea gypsies.

Spend your early morning kayaking through the exciting mangroves and canyons around Tha Lane Bay and explore the stunning emerald lagoon, and even snorkel in the reef along Hong Island. Hop on a sea kayak and move at a leisurely pace through various ecosystems and enjoy observing wildlife. What makes it truly special, however is you can get up close and personal with the animals—there are different sights each day, from crab-eating macaque monkeys, birds, monitor lizards, mudskippers, and occasionally the rare river otters will peer up at you.                                                                    

You can also experience going to a lagoon, as well as visit the Moken sea gypsy cementary, where bones and beautiful cave paintings are the only remnants of an enchanting area. The best time to try kayaking is during high tide, giving you more access to different areas within the mangroves. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that must not be missed. You get to see unique flora and fauna, while just sitting in a kayak and bask in silence, and this is a perfect way to spend the morning. It’s not only about the water sports—it’s also about getting to enjoy quiet moments surrounded by nature, untouched by human hands.

To get to Tha Lane Bay from Krabi town, there is a songthaew available which runs throughout the day during the off season, and as late as 10:00pm during their peak season and one can be expected to arrive every 15 to 20 minutes. Songathews are color-coded, so to visit the Bay, make sure that you get on a white-colored one. Make sure you bring insect repellant, wear sunscreen and don’t forget to have the time of your life while you’re there!



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    04. 09. 2016

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    04. 09. 2016


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