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Discover The Morning Market - Luang Prabang


The greatest testament any traveler could receive of acquire, when she/he visits an unknown destination, is by bringing home something made by the hands of the nation’s own people. Unlike most souvenirs, which could be mass produced, handmade products have are tightly knit with a country’s historic culture that has been passed on from generation to generation. Even though majority of this art form is slowly being dissolved due to modernization, many still flock to these parts of the world, to get a good taste of the simpler life. In Laos, there is a village called Ban Phanom, and the people here have preserved their heritage through the techniques and colors that come into making textiles.

Located in the Luang Prabang Province, the village of Ban Phanom is famously known for its textile making, which have clothed even the members of the royal family of the past. They were once known as the main suppliers of textiles to the nobles, but today the villagers use their traditional craft to manufacture goods for the nearby night markets. Every loom, stitch, weaves, and pattern is fueled by the blood of their ancestors thus, creating simple cloths that are capable of preserving the people’s historical beauty for a lifetime.

When visiting the village, Trip Guru would like to advise future travelers to brush up their bargaining skills and be prepared to visit other famous sites as well. Most of the materials they use are cotton and silk, but the prices are oftentimes affordable. Also, if you plan to travel by bike, there are other destinations you can easily reach, such as the Tomb of Mouhot, but be warned – the roads are known to be unfriendly. The best time to visit the village, of course, is during the hours of daylight. However, avoid the hours between 9:00AM and 10:00PM because most of the tourist coaches come to the village during this time.

To get to the village of Ban Phanom is quite easy. You can hop on a tuk-tuk from the center of Luang Prabang near the banks of the Nam Khan River, and it will only take you about 10 minutes. It will cost you around 100,000 LAK, but this is for the journey to and fro Ban Phanom.



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