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Discover The Nimmanheimin Road nightlife - Chiang Mai


The Nimmanheimin Road on the west side near the Chiang Mai University has several fine dining restaurants, as well as pubs and clubs that have both local and foreign themes. During the mid-80’s the Nimmanhaemin road transformed into a hippy and trendy street where sois sprouted alongside other pubs and clubs. Neon lights illuminate the streets until it becomes the perfect place for nightlife and relaxation. This also encourages the development of more hotels, guesthouses, and some of the best nightlife establishments because of its proximity to the university.

Travelers will find lots of dining options here, including excellent local and international cuisine. The most popular nightlife venues include Sahara Restaurant with its beautifully decorated rooftop and terrace; the Khun Churn vegetarian restaurant for salad and fruit lovers alike; the Warm Up Café, which is the longest running favorites among students and professionals; and the new Infinity Club within the sois of Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai. The clubs, in particular, offer wide dance floors, popular DJ’s, live entertainment, and upbeat music.

Getting to the best nightlife areas in Nimmahaemin Road is a long process because of the expected heavy traffic flow where the three lanes merge into one traffic light. From Chiang Mai City Center, you can easily take a taxi or car rental service to get here. You can also choose a Tuk-Tuk ride directly to the Nimmanhaemin Road or Chiang Mai University. Travelers should expect around 50 to 120 Baht fares since it is the standard payment for most destinations in Chiang Mai. They can also check out the local airport and tourist authorities within the area, many of whom can offer a guide map of Chiang Mai.

The pubs and clubs in Nimmanhaemin start as early as 6:00 pm and close at around midnight, as amended by the Interior Minister’s Nightlife Establishments Hours of Operation. It’s still possible to find a few establishments that are open past this hour, but it will require a little effort if you want to enjoy more late night partying. You might also want to budget your time traveling to Nimmanheimin Road due to the normally heavy traffic that surrounds the area. It’s best to start an hour ahead of your designated meeting time to account for the traffic.



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