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Discover The Ratvithi Road nightlife - Chiang Mai


The Ratvithi Road is just a small road in Chiang Mai that preserved their rich historical culture within the landmarks of Chiang Mai City Arts, Cultural Center, Historical Center and Lana Folk Museum. These establishments can be found in the blocks of the Ratvithi Road. At night, it also offers the best nightlife areas and one of the most diverse roads in Chiang Mai; French, Irish, Jamaican and Asian restaurants, clubs and bars are found all over the area, making the street locally and internationally exotic for interracial partying and fun.

Ratvithi Road’s best nightlife areas combine the cultures from East to West because of their different themes, where bars and clubs come from different countries. The U.N. Irish Pub is one of the most popular when offering the best sports wide-screen TV and European food and drinks. Another is the Zoe in Yellow that offers the best lounge, live entertainment, bands and DJ’s for diverse subcultures. They are two of the biggest names in terms of nightlife while the Reggae Bar as popularized in Jamaica is also emerging with their live band and cheap drinks.   

Trip Guru suggests that first-time visitors, who would like to visit the Ratvithi Road entertainment area, simply take a taxi from the Central Plaza, since it will only take 20 to 25 minutes and cost an estimated fare of 60 to 70 Baht. But if you come from the Old City Wall, it will take about 50 to 60 minutes and will cost more than triple of the estimated fares, although real-time travel and toll fares may vary based on traffic and weather condition.

As expected, the best bars and clubs in Ratvithi Road start around 8:00 pm and end around midnight, as stated by government regulation, with only a few bars licensed to operate until 2:00 am. However, diligent party-goers can still find many places that are open past the recommended hour, so it’s still very possible to find some late night fun if that’s what you’re looking for.



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