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Discover The Rivers of Hoi An - Hoi An


One of the best ways to get to know a country’s culture and history is through its people. The locals know anything about everything and are always happy to see a foreigner willing to learn the ways of their daily life. This beautiful interaction is what a lot of travelers aspire when they visit a foreign land, and in the city of Hoi An, Vietnam, this experience has been improved by traveling via the city’s rivers.

The villages in Hoi An are divided by their respective industries, and it is because of this that travelers find it easier to move from one village to another. Each area offers a different experience, and with the help of the city’s river, the overall journey becomes a definite highlight of the day. For travelers who want to take a little piece of Hoi An with them before they leave Vietnam, may want to visit the Kim Bong Carpentry Village, located on the other side of the town’s river. Here, visitors can find exceptional handicrafts and masterpieces, such as altars, chairs, and beds, which have been done by the same techniques that have been passed down to today’s Kim Bong carpenters. 3km away from Hoi An’s ancient tows is the Thanh Nam fishing village, also called as Con Chai. Travelers, who have a knack for fishing, can test their skills here and work with the locals and learn to catch fish their traditional ways, whilst riding in their round boats called, the Thung Chai. Lastly, for those who are proud to have a green thumb, may take a boat from Hoi An, and visit the charming Tra Que Vegetable village, and get your hands dirty and help the locals farm their crops.

The city of Hoi An has a lot of villages which visitors can travel both on foot or by boat. However, to get a chance to even ride these spectacular vehicles, Trip Guru would like to remind travelers that they must first make their way to Hoi An’s ancient town. This is the heart of all activities, and the main meeting ground for most tourists, so before you go and visit the villages by the river, you need to pay the entrance fee to the ancient town which is 120,000 VND for foreign visitors and 80,000 VND for the locals. It also gives them a chance to explore the streets of Hoi An’s ancient town.

The best way to get to Hoi An’s ancient town is via taxi or bus from the Da Nang Airport. These modes of transportation will take you straight to the town, and once there, visitors can either walk or bike their way to their next destination. 



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Brian

    06. 09. 2016

    I went and check out a village down the Hoi An River called Tra Que Village. This village is full of vegetables. My friends and I were taught how to farm the crops properly and the techniques on how to make the vegetables grow more healthy. They didn’t talk much English but it was a great experience because they tried so hard with hand gestures and all. Love the effort they put into everything they do!

  • Alexas

    06. 09. 2016

    To know a country better, is to get down with the people from the country itself. That’s what my friends and I did. We were real shy at first but we just started hitting up a conversation with some local guys there, who surprisingly spoke some basic English. We went down a few rivers and saw a couple of villages. Seeing how the Vietnamese live is a really different way of life from us westerners. We also went to Con Chai Village. They showed us how they catch their fish here! We had so much fun but get super wet! Was a great experience. The guys didn’t even want to charge us much. So we gave them a really good tip!


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