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Discover Thousand Islands - Jakarta


Visiting a country should always evoke a sense of adventure amidst all the fun.  This mixture of feelings does not only make the travel experience more enjoyable, but also sparks the urge to go out and explore the other sites the world has to offer, and one of the best places to evoke this passion, can be found in Jakarta’s Thousand Islands. 

Though Jakarta is known for its hustle and bustle, the Thousand Islands is located to the west of Jakarta Bay. Its tranquil havens are for those who want to surround themselves in the arms of Mother Nature, as they venture out into an endless expanse of green and blue. Though 23 of the islands cannot be visited – because they are privately owned or not opened to public – the rest of them still offer an amazing and calming atmosphere to those who are looking for a balance between adventure and relaxation. With over 144 species of fish, 2 species of giant clams, sea worms, and 17 species of various colorful coastal birds, traveling birdwatchers and wildlife lovers will surely fall in love with what they will see. And since it is an island, water activities such as snorkeling and diving are always available.

Trip Guru would like to remind future visitors that the Thousand Islands in Indonesia are home to numerous kinds of flora and fauna, and that their habitat must be always kept clean. Please remember not to disturb the natural order of the environment and reduce the amount of waste that you will produce. It’s best to help preserve this beautiful ecosystem and do your part.

The only way to get to any of the islands is by sea travel. From the heart of Jakarta, you need to head down to Muara Angke harbor. To get there, take an angkot B-01 bus from the Grogol Bus Terminal for only 6,000 IDR, and then hop on a motorized peddy cab to the boats, for only 5,000 IDR. The boats leave around 7:00 AM in the morning and around 1:00 PM in the afternoon. These boats are headed to specific islands such as Pramuka and Tidung islands.




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    13. 04. 2016


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