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Discover Thung Teao Forest Natural Park Khao Pra-Bang Kram - Krabi


Tourists, who prefer a calm Krabi experience should stay away from the province’s beaches and islands, and head down to Thung Teao Forest Natural Park. Though majority of the crowd prefer spending their days exploring the wondrous secrets hidden in Krabi’s numerous islands, the simplicity and innate beauty of Thung Teao is what makes this destination different from the rest.

The spectacular medley of colors is the first thing visitors will notice once they step foot in this natural park. Once the treetops reach the sky, they immediately cut off this area from the rest of the world and enclose it in a sphere of emerald and crystal blue colors, transporting first timers and returning visitors alike into a different realm. Because of this natural intermingling of organisms, an array of different kinds of flora and fauna has called this area home. Visitors are highly encouraged to take photos and preserve Thung Teao Forest’s lush scenery both in their minds and their hearts. There are numerous things travelers will encounter in this attraction, however, the most popular site they should never miss is Thung Teao’s crystal lagoon. Named after the effect its waters produce, the crystal lagoon is the perfect spot to stop and take a nice relaxing swim. This stunning eco-tourist location is the azure heart of the national park and a wonderful surprise to those who have taken the 800-meter long path.

Since this place is one of southern Thailand’s few remaining tropical rain forest, Trip Guru would like to remind travelers that they should treat this place with respect and help conserve its beauty. Be sure that you do not litter the area with trash, or play around with the different kinds of plants in the area. Also, the only acceptable way to shoot the exotic creatures is with a camera, because Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is a no-hunting zone.

To get to Thung Teao, travelers must head towards Amphur Klong Thom on highway number 4 and then turn left onto highway 4038, after which they can take a right onto the rural road. Once there, you will be able to see the signs that are pointing towards the Emerald/Crystal Pool Waterfall. Admission is 100 Baht for children, 200 Baht for adults, and the best time to visit is during daylight. 



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    04. 09. 2016

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    04. 09. 2016

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