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Because of the archipelagic formation of the Philippines islands, every city or province, showcases their own distinct culture in the simplest of ways. Some provinces conduct their annual fiesta while others light up the night sky with their night markets filled with local fares and wares. However, if you are looking for a destination that doesn’t only offer a nostalgic scene, but also, impresses visitors with its rich historical importance, then hop on a bus and head towards Vigan City, where the touches of the Spanish colonial era still remains.

Though the 333 years of Spanish left a lot of things undone in the country, it was still able to leave beautiful places, such as Vigan, in the entire nation. Surrounded by rows of Spanish designed houses sitting beside the cobblestoned road, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been well-preserved through the years, making it a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike. Here, travelers can take a nice relaxing stroll under the midday heat and admire the city’s architectural beauty or ride a kalesa (a form of transportation that can be likened to a horse-drawn carriage), and embrace the forms of travel that were once only for the rich.

Besides viewing the numerous homes, travelers can immerse themselves with the locals, and learn a little bit more about Philippine history. To get a more in-depth glimpse of how the Filipinos used to run their nation, they can visit the Syquia Mansion, which was once the residential structure of Elpidio Quirino, the 6th Filipino president; or enter Father Burgos’ home, one of the most important heroes of the country. If food is what they are after, Vigan has all sorts of fares which can definitely target their appetite. There’s the city’s famous Vigan Longganisa for those who want something sweet and savory. Leila’s Café to cure the sweet tooth and Malunggay pan de sal, for visitors on the go.

Trip Guru would like to remind future visitors to Vigan that the best way to get to this city is by bus. There are a handful of bus terminals around Manila, which can take you straight to your destination and it costs around 600 Pesos or more, depending on the terminal and type of bus. The journey will take more than 5 hours, so please be prepared before boarding for a smooth and easy ride. 



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Nathan

    08. 09. 2016

    I toured around here old school. Anywhere that gives me a chance to do things old school style. I’d take in instantly. The carriage that I was in is called: Kalesa. Touring around, I saw some of the most beautiful architecture. The houses Spanish designed here are a sight. The antiques, decorations, furnishings in Syquia Mansion has been kept to how it was back in it’s days. This mansion here was what I liked most!

  • Katherine

    08. 09. 2016

    Finding food here for me was no problem at all. Checking myself in restaurant after restaurant and café after café. One of my favorites which also happens to be every sweet tooth lover, is Leila’s Café. With the best brewed coffee and cake served. What draws me most to Vigan is it’s preserved houses. The style of the origin build of Spanish designs. Even though the day’s temperature had me a bit sticky, I liked being in the town.. And had a lovely time here.


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