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Discover Wat Krom Temple - Sihanoukville


There are a lot of reasons why travelers make it a point to visit places such as temples. Some crave for the mystical yet familiar aura that is left within in the air, while others are intrigued with the many stories that are told behind ancient walls and detailed art. Whatever it is that they are searching for, there is no doubt that they will find it hidden within the walls of these sacred spaces. In the city of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Wat Krom is one temple travelers, who want to be guided by the light of peace and tranquility, should not pass up.

When one thinks about the architectural design of a Buddhist temple, they immediately imagine a colossal building, colored in a gentle shade of ivory, whilst being supported by shimmering pillars made of gold; and though this imagery does apply to some, the sites that are seen in the grounds of Wat Krom are quite unique and send curious travelers into a state of awe. Marvelous structures stand proudly within Wat Krom – giving visitors the opportunity to whip out their cameras and capture a gorgeous moment in time. There are colorful stupas battling for the title of being the tallest, statues of mythical beasts, historic figures, and memorable characters of Cambodian folklore, and a reclining Buddha, who greets his guests with a calm stare. There is no perfect word to describe the intermingling of religion, history, and art that can be found in Wat Krom, but by simply witnessing everything with your very own eyes is enough to fill the soul with the nourishment it needs.

Trip Guru would like to advise future visitors, that they should coordinate their schedules so that they can visit Wat Krom in the most comfortable time possible. There are a lot of tourists during the day, so steer clear of those hours. Also, it is always better to bring extra cash, just in case you need to pay for anything such as food, drinks, etc.

The simplest way to get to Wat Krom is by tuk-tuk. You can ride in any point in Sihanoukville and inform the driver that you are heading to your destination. You can also take the same ride to and from Wat Krom, as long as you reach an agreeable price.



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