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Discover Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai


For travellers, who marvel at the architectural designs of different structures and immerse themselves with the spiritual culture of the locals, then the city of Chiang Mai should definitely be in their list. Though Thailand itself boasts around 40,717 Buddhist temples, the ones in this city are some of the most beautiful and most important ones in the country. If you are having difficulty with choosing which temples to visit first, Trip Guru suggests that you start with Wat Buppharam, Wat Suan Dok, or Wat U-Mong.

Unlike most Buddhist temples that are built to look like a needle pointing to the sky, Wat Buppharam’s structure definitely stands out. It consists of an ubosot, two viharns, a Dhamma hall, a chedi, as well as a well that supplies holy water thus, giving travellers more reason to walk about its halls to visit the marvelous attractions it has in store. The Dhamma hall is simply a site to behold because interior portions of this structure, reveals Thailand’s artistic and historical culture. At the entrance, two Hindu mythological creatures, known as the Makaras, are guarding the sanctity of the halls. Around the the first floor, magnificent mural paintings are displayed, whilst a gorgeous view of Chiang Mai can be seen on the second floor. 16 minutes from Wat Buppharam lies, Wat Suan Dok. This Buddhist temple is known for its bell shaped chedi which stands 48 meters high, and one of the perfect places to practice meditation. The path that leads to the golden chedi is surrounded by white washed mausoleums, which carries the cremated ashes of the members of the royal family of Chiang Mai. Wat U-Mong, on the other hand, is about 8 minutes away from Wat Suan Dok. This unique location projects a magical ambiance, which entices both new and returning visitors. Built on the foothills of Suthep Mountain, it surrounds itself with trees, however, the most sought after attraction of this temple is its tunnels, which once kept a crazy monk from wandering off or so the legend says.

These three temples are just some of the many temples that can be visited in Chiang Mai. Travelers are easily enticed to visit as many as they can in a day, and prefer to walk to their destination rather than taking transportation. Because of the active surroundings, it is highly likely that they will be constantly entertained. However, to truly experience the wonders of the temple of Chiang Mai, one must remember to dress appropriately.

Trip Guru would like to remind fellow travelers that these attractions are not just for show. They are, first and foremost, a sacred structure, and must be treated as such. It is best that you wear something that covers your shoulders, legs, and feet. Also, if ever you encounter a monk it is highly discouraged to converse with them, for it may distract them from their meditation. 



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