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Discover White Beach - Boracay


The first time you lay eyes on the famous beach on the western side of Boracay Island, you will find yourself staring at a stretch of white sand that can be blinding on a hot sunny day. When you walk on this beach, you will feel just how powdery the sand is and may even find yourself wondering how this sand got to be so fine. Just like any first-timers to White Beach, you will also be met with offers for beach and water activities that tourists enjoy when they visit the place.

White Beach is a pretty popular place, and is always teeming with tourists, no matter what time of year. You will find a lot to do here, and that includes such resort staples like jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The beach has a lot of establishments lining it, making it rather crowded however these are set way back from the water. You can find restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops, dive shops, and many more along the 4 kilometer shore.

The beach is divided into 3 stations, with the middle station, Station 2, being the busiest and most crowded at any time of the day. One of the quietest parts of the beach is Station 1, with Station 3 also being considered relatively quiet when compared with the middle station. The activities you can find in any of these 3 areas of the beach include helmet diving, banana boat and flyfish riding, island hopping, and sunset cruising. You can also have a full body massage by the beach as well as henna tattoos, and cornrow braiding here.

White Beach is where almost every visitor to Boracay goes, and going there is easy. After arriving at your airport of choice (Aklan or Caticlan), you will then be taken to the Caticlan Jetty port where you will cross over to the island via boat. Once you are on the island, you can choose to take tricycles to your hotel, or book a more comfortable ride via a shuttle service that can be found at the jetty port or at the airport before crossing. Trip Guru suggests that you visit this magnificent, world-class White Beach during the off seasons of October to February, if you are not into huge crowds, and during the peak summer seasons of March to June, if you want to mingle and party.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Apit

    07. 09. 2016

    y friends and I had a run from station 1 to 3 at Whit beach. It was exhausting! Great exercise but exhausting! Since we knew what we like best from the run in the morning we put our towels down at station 2. The middle station. A bit of everything there. We all had a full body massage and damnn the White beach massage ladies are a pro! Relaxed and will be back.

  • Kelly

    07. 09. 2016

    The beach is dived onto t 3 stations. I based myself at station 3 because I found that here it is the most quiet. I really like the sand here.. every beach I go to is I care about the sand and the clear waters. It is the first time I went helmet diving it was a great activity that I've never tried before! Enjoyed!

  • Cohn

    13. 04. 2016

    I've never been a big fan of beaches, but White Beach has converted me. The sand was just so soft and pleasant, and riding a banana boat for the first time was really fun. I feel selfish for enjoying it alone, so I'm definitely bringing along a friend or two next time.

  • Johnny

    13. 04. 2016

    The moment I set foot in Boracay I knew it was going to be one of my favorite places to be in. I especially liked White Beach, the parasaling and scuba diving was to die for! Getting a massage by the beach was the right way to relax my muscles afterwards, definitely get one.


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