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Discover Ariel's Point - Boracay


Boracay is an island resort well known for its white sandy beaches and party atmosphere. You will find quite a lot of people on its shores at any given time of the year, enjoying the sun, the sea, and the sand. While most people who come to the island do indulge in the usual activities that are being offered here, the more adventurous find themselves on Ariel’s Point.

What is Ariel’s Point and why is it recommended that you give this part of Boracay a try? If you are an adrenaline junky, are looking to conquer your fear of heights or of diving, or simply want to try something new, then diving off the cliffs of Ariel’s Point might just be for you. This is a very popular cliff diving spot on the island, and is where a lot of people try to give jumping off very high heights a try. It is also a good place for you to meet new people and just party, eat, and drink while others jump off the platforms that are built on the cliffs.

This cliff diving adventure can be had for a fee of P1200 which includes not only use of the three diving boards that are at 5, 8, and 15 meters in height, but also comes with a buffet lunch. You can jump all you want from any of the three heights, taking into consideration the others that want to jump too, of course, and whether or not you can swim well enough. There are life vests available for rent for those who are unsure of their swimming skills, but these cannot be used with the highest diving platform. If diving off the cliffs is not your thing, you can still enjoy the food, the view, and swimming as well as kayaking.

Getting to Ariel’s Point in Boracay, Trip Guru recommends that you head down to Station 1 and purchase tickets to this adventure at Boracay Beach Club. Trips to the cliffs leave at around 11:30 in the morning, and gets there at 1 via a boat that picks you up at a designated location.



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