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Discover Bamboo Island - Pattaya


If you’re the type of person who lives for the beach, Trip Guru would like to invite you to explore Koh Phai, or the Bamboo Island in English. It’s a National Park paradise and is a personal getaway for the tourist who enjoys snorkeling in crystal-clear waters and camping underneath the stars. The Bamboo Island lies on a remote stretch of land from Ao Nang. When you dip your head underwater, you’ll see schools of gorgeous fish such as clownfish and coral reefs that remains unspoiled by any fishing nets or anchors. You can stay the night and sleep under the stars and wake up to a new day with some snorkeling before the morning sun fully rises on the horizon.

For food, there is a small fishing community on the island that is more than willing to sell you all the squid and fish you could eat. And if you offer the ranger a beer, he’ll be more than happy to cook it up for you on the island barbeque. In Bamboo Island, there are no high peaks to climb, it’s just a small island that’s happy to serve you with its white sand and cool, clear waters. To avoid the crowds, it’s best to arrive on the island in the morning.

And of course, Bamboo Island wouldn’t be called Bamboo Island if it didn’t offer a large bamboo jungle, where people could get lost and find themselves along the way. There, all alone amongst tall and stately bamboo, you can feel the serenity of nature; a perfect place to rest your weary mind and soothe your soul. There is a snack bar available for food and drinks if you feel like eating something other than seafood.



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