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Discover Bandung - Jakarta


Bandung is a city that's famous for its many outlet shops, where you can get branded clothes for more wallet-friendly prices. At times, what the companies consider as a “factory defect” could be as small as a missing button or a stitch that's slightly crooked. But still, if it isn’t up to factory standards, it’s sold at a discount. And this gave birth to outlet shops—where you can get branded clothes for less than the price, because it’s slightly imperfect and cannot be sold as is in commercial stores. If hunting for a real bargain appeals to you, and you’re eager to look like a million bucks for a wardrobe that costs even less than that, then Trip Guru can’t think of a better place to be than Bandung.

The only things you need are patience and a careful eye—because hiding underneath a lot of fake apparel being passed off for the real thing could be a genuine fashion treasure for less than it would cost if it were sold in shopping malls. Make sure you feel the quality of the fabric—if it’s flimsy, then you can be sure that it isn’t made from quality materials, and isn’t worth a second glance. Another thing to look out for are labels that have misspellings, but the lack of them doesn’t mean that it’s fake, either. The only real deal breaker is if the fabric doesn't feel very good.

In between shopping excursions, you can get some ice cream, stop at a cafe and rest awhile before running to shop some more. Some outlets are better than others, but never forget that even in the most run-down outlet, there may be a genuine bag or dress hanging on the shelf or rack, just waiting for you.

To get to Bandung, from Jakarta Gambir train station, take an ArgoGede train or a Parahyangan train. For ArgoGede, this train only stops at Gambir (Jakarta) and Bandung. It's a comfortable ride, and even coach is classified as Executive class. To get to your destination, it's about three hours long. Parahyangan tends to stop at more train stations, so if you want to get there quickly, take the ArgoGede train.




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