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Discover Chi Phat - Sihanoukville


Of all the ecotourism destinations available in Cambodia, Chi Phat is emerging as one of the best. It's a small, secluded village that allows you to enjoy an authentic, relaxed Cardamom lifestyle; perfect for those who are eager to take a spiritual retreat or who just like to revel in the beauty of nature, away from noise and stress of everyday life. Best of all, it's the place that birthed the Community Based Ecotourism project, to create and develop green tourism activities within and around the village. If you enjoy seeing a different side of Cambodia, Trip Guru highly recommends that you give Chi Phat a go.

Chi Phat's activities include hiking, mountain biking and kayaking. It's a perfect place to keep your heart rate up and your eyes open, as there is more to see. You can also go for a short trek into the wild, dense jungle where the local people swim in a beautiful river to cool off from all the excitement of biking. It proves to be a challenge as the mountains are not made of flatland—you can expect to get quite a workout. It's definitely challenging, the reward is more than worth the while: there's a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the jungle, and the naturally-formed pool with fresh spring water is an excellent treat to wash off the dust and dirt from your aching muscles.

If you'd like to take it easy, you can try the kayaking, where you can paddle along the river on your own pace. You can experience the simpler, more relaxing things in life after an adventure-filled day, such as taking a nap in a hammock, nestled safely in a bamboo shelter. You can be sure that there won't be any overflow of visitors, as the village only receives a few at a time. Before leaving, make sure that you treat yourself to a long drink of freshly-made sugar cane juice.

Chi Phat is located on the Phipot River, 20km upstream from Andong Tuek Village. To get to this village from Sihanoukville, you can take a bus that leavse from the central bus station at around 8:00am for Koh Kong town, and it arrives in Andong Tuek Villege at 11:30am. From there, you can take a boat or you can also ride a scooter.



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