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Discover Jomtien Beach - Pattaya


If you are the type of traveler who loves to immerse yourself underwater, then we, at Trip Guru, suggests that you should stop by at Jomtien Beach. Locally known as Haat Jomtien, this sandy beach is 6km long and is located just south from the city of Pattaya. Unlike other beaches that offer a “partying” vibe for its visitors, Jomtien, in particular, has a more peaceful atmosphere. Once your toes have met the warm sand, you will be able to hear the soothing breeze calmly caress the pine trees that are sprawled around the area, whilst hearing the melody of the rolling tides of the sea kiss upon the beach’s sandy shore. It is the perfect place to just sit back and relax, and enjoy the day with fellow tourists, the locals and their families, and retired expats.

Though Jomtien is known to be one of the most tranquil spots in Pattaya, it does not mean that they fall short with water related sports and activities. You will still be able to enjoy the usual sports such as jet skis, parasailing, scuba diving, and the like, and if you are lucky enough, experience a sponsored event or festival that occurs annually, like the Pattaya Windsurfing Championship which is held every January.

High-rise condominiums surround this beach where you will be able to find something to do right after you have soaked up the glorious rays of the sun. For a more family friendly atmosphere, you can dine in and enjoy freshly prepared seafood in some of the restaurants that overlook the sea. If you wish to relieve yourself from stress, there are numerous high-class spas to help you unwind. However, if you are the type of traveler who likes to converse over a cold bottle of beer, then head towards Jomtien during the evening and enjoy the local nightlife scene.

Jomtien Beach has no entrance fee and is accessible whenever you feel like it, but the best time to visit the beach is from November to April, when Pattaya experiences very little rain. Getting to Jomtien is quite simple. If you are coming from the city of Pattaya, you can hire a taxi and it will take you straight to your destination. You can also take a Baht bus and travel to south Pattaya, and it will only cost you 10-20 Baht. 



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    13. 04. 2016


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