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Discover Kep - Sihanoukville


Kep was originally created as a seaside retreat for highrollers and French alike, where it carries a special kind of charm around it. There are various boutique resorts that have been set up, and not even the absence of a long, winding shoreline can stop Kep from attracting crowds. If you've always wanted to see a different side of Cambodia, with beautiful sunsets and delicious seafood, Trip Guru can definitely recommend that you pay Kep a visit.

One of the nicest things about Kep is that it's only a few kilometers away from Vietnam's borders, and not even the abandoned French villas can dull the town's sparkle. Kep has their world-famous crabs, and has become a place where the gourmets who favor seafood gather--seafood dining is cheap, plentiful and absolutely divine. Kep is also at home to a sprawling national park with gorgeous mountains and densely populated, green jungle. There's nothing quite like going for a hike amid a trail dotted with butterflies, drinking a delicious glass of wine to cap off the evening.

Kep also has one of the most delicious sunsets that must be experienced to be believed. Be on the lookout for some modernist mansions where vines and the forest have taken hold, standing as remnants of another age that met a sudden end, when Kep's evacuation under the Khmer Rouge and the subsequent looting that followed occurred. It’s spectacular and you can definitely unwind while you’re here.

To get to Kep, people coming from Sihanoukville can travel by bus towards Phnom Penh, Kampot and Kep. There are buses that will happily make the journey for you daily, or you could hire a private taxi and drive straight there, using National Highway 4, and National Highway 3. To get there, Take Street Nº 801 to National Hwy 4, then follow National Hwy 4 and National Hwy 3/NH 3 to Krong Kampot. Finally, Take AH123 to your destination. This way, it takes two hours and three minutes, without much traffic. Be mindful that there may be international borders to cross to get to Kep.



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