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Discover Mawun Beach - Lombok


When tourists visit a popular beach, oftentimes they are sharing the sand and the sea with a crowd. Though this is the natural scenario for most well-known destinations, there are a few travelers, who prefer to greet the salty island breeze with very few interruptions. A vacation, after all, is a time meant for rest and relaxation, and in reality, this state differs from one person to another. In Indonesia, more specifically, the island of Lombok is known for its tropical beauty and wildlife, making it a go-to attraction for a lot of tourists. Although Lombok offers numerous beaches to accommodate the wave of visitors, its Mawun Beach is reserved for those who have a particular beach experience in mind.

This horseshoe shaped beach is perfectly made for those who just want to relax and listen to the sounds of the rolling waves. It literally consists of two hills (one on each end) and sandy surface in the middle, and because of its simplistic appearance, travelers could not resist its charm and stay until the sun begins to set. With a beautiful view of its cerulean water and a clear image of the sky above their heads, Mawun Beach is definitely a little piece of heaven down here on Earth.

Since it is a beach, there are numerous activities visitors can do, if they think that getting a tan is not in their travelling itinerary. The two hills are accessible to those who prefer to sink their feet in a rugged terrain than the water, and successful climbers are rewarded with an awesome view of the Indian Ocean and the beach.  Swimming is readily available to everyone, but Trip Guru would like to remind those who are planning to take a dip to be wary of its geographic design, because the beach’s land to the middle of the sea is quite steep, and there are no lifeguards around.

To get to Mawun Beach from Mataram city, you need to hire a car or motorbike that will take you directly there. You can also take a public transport that takes you from Mataram-Cakranegara-Kediri-Praya-Penuk-Penujak-Selon-Belanak and then finally, to Mawun.



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