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Discover My Son Sanctuary - Hoi An


Reimagine 4th to 13th Century Vietnam in My Son Sanctuary

Being able to preserve the country’s past in the most impressive of manners, is one of the many great features of the city of Hoi An. Within its borders and connected streets, travelers will be able to find structures, buildings, and even activities, which were once reserved for the people of the past. With the many attractions that evoke the sense of nostalgia, romance, and intrigue, visitors – both first timers and those who have returned – immediately fall in love with the city with every glance. Though these places have become tourist attractions, there are a number of travelers who want to see more. Thankfully, there is a place far from the city of Hoi An for travelers who want to detach themselves from the city scene called the My Son Sanctuary.

My Son Sanctuary is located in the center of Vietnam, 40km to the Southwest of Hoi An. Do not confuse this attraction as one structure, because this UNESCO World Heritage site consists of more than 70 temples and other structures, which were devoted to Hindu gods and goddesses – with Shiva’s being the most noticeable one. With the overgrown leaves that have seeped through the walls of each structure, and the clear blue skies that watch over the travelers who go in and out of these buildings, visitors will be able to feel the history come alive as it echoes throughout the 142 hectares of land.

These ruins have gone through a lot throughout the years. From the time it was used during the ancient kingdom of Champa to the bombings of the Vietnam war, and although time and manmade disasters have almost devastated this attraction to the ground, its cracks and blemishes, is what makes the My Son Sanctuary a beautiful place to visit today. Because of this, and the surrounding greenery, this sanctuary has become one of the most attractive and most photogenic places of Hoi An, thus giving travelers the opportunity to take amazing once in a life time photos both inside and outside each building.

Trip Guru would like to remind potential travelers that entering the My Son Sanctuary is not free. It is open daily from 6:30AM to 4:30PM, and the best times to visit is around the early morning – when it does not get too hot. To get to the My Son Sanctuary, travelers need to hop on a motorcycle, car (with driver), taxi, or bus, and drive about 70km southwest of Da Nang and 40km from Hoi An. 



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