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Discover Pattaya Floating Market - Pattaya


One of the best ways to truly see the daily life of a local is to head down to the country’s famous market; and in Pattaya, nothing says “Hello, Thailand!” like the sounds and smells of this city’s Floating Market. There are numerous floating markets sprawled across the country, but the one in Pattaya is definitely one you should not miss. Operating since the year 2008, the Pattaya Floating Market proclaims to be the largest manmade floating market in the entire world. It covers an area of 100,000 square meters and has four main areas, each representing the architecture and culture of Thailand’s north, northeast, central, and southern areas.

The main reason why this destination is flocked by numerous tourists every year is the ware and fares that excitedly entices one’s senses. From walking on top of the wooden bridges to sitting in the restaurants situated along the canals, tourists will be happily greeted by local vendors who are selling their products on their wooden boats. The boats that parade up and down the market’s waters are the highlights of this destination, because you can practically find and buy anything. From perishable goods, like fish and vegetables, to handicrafts, once you purchase something that has caught your eye you will definitely be able to bring a little bit of Thailand back home with you.

Another great thing about the Pattaya Floating Market is that it is more than just a place to buy and sell goods. Local acts such as regional dancing displays, Kung Fu, and Sea Boxing are performed in the area. You are also able to tour the market on a boat trip, if shopping is not your thing. Water related activities like pedal boats and “Zorbs”, are available as well. If you want to experience an authentic market experience, Trip Guru suggests that you come during its early opening hours, however, to get the best out of your visit, we suggest that you come by late in the evening because the temperatures are much cooler and produces ideal spots for couples who are looking for a romantic atmosphere.

The cheapest way to get to the market is by bus, but they are only available 5 times a day and come in every 2 hours. Hiring a taxi or a songthaew is another option, but it will cost more. The market is opened daily from 10:00AM to 12:00MN and it costs around 200 Baht to enter, but the price could vary so bring extra cash just in case.



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    08. 04. 2016


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