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Discover Pink Beach - Lombok


Travelers, who have been to Lombok, Indonesia, are well aware of the island’s numerous beaches. One of the prettiest secrets of the Indonesian island has to be the Pink Beach. If you’re the type of person who is fond of unusual things and otherworldly getaways, Trip Guru can definitely recommend this diving spot.

Pink beach got its name because there are grains of red coral mixed in with the sand and seawater, and is more prominently seen when the sunlight hits it. The water is beautifully turquoise and clear, offering the best possible temptation for a long, cool swim and snorkeling. There are more opportunities to snap photos from a bluff if you would like to take more pictures of the pink sand against the shallow blue water.

Aside from lending the beach a pretty pale hue, the red coral also creates a fascinating landscape underwater, full of fish flitting to and fro. The good thing about Pink Beach is that, in the effort to keep it clean and pure, there are no available infrastructures nearby. Just sand, surf and sun—bringing your own lunch if you are travelling alone is a must, as well as having your own drinking water and a sun hat handy. It’s completely devoid of people, as each visitor leaves by boat, take their trash and personal memories with them.

To get to Pink Beach, you can take a rental car and, from Lombok, start driving south towards Jl. Raya Labuhan Lombok, turn left onto Jl. Raya Labuhan Lombok and continue towards Korleko. Then drive from Jl. Raya Tj., Jl HOS Cokroaminoto, Jl. Raya Labuhan H. and Jl. Serumbung –Ekas to Pemongkong. Finally, drive towards your destination in Sekaroh, where the beach is located. When you wish to see the Pink Beach, go during high tide so you can experience jumping off from the boat and landing on the sand. The best time to visit this beautiful beach is during the dry season, which is from April to October.



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