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Discover Sanctuary of Truth - Pattaya


Travellers, who want to find their inner peace through an artistic journey, must visit the Sanctuary of Truth, or known locally as Wang Boran or Prasat Mai. This colossal wooden temple stands 105m tall, and is entirely made out of wood. Although the planned completion of this structure is in the year 2025, approaching the sculptures and walls that display hand-carved wooden images of Buddhist and Hindu motifs, will send a spiritual chill upon one’s eyes, as if the very deity is staring and touching one’s soul. This stunning temple also overlooks the ocean and thus, provides its visitors a refreshing view which perfectly couples with the renewal of one’s self.  

There is a multitude of ways tourists can roam in the Sanctuary of Truth. Walking is always the preferred option, because it enables travellers to ingest the beauty of this temple in their own pace; but for a more unique experience, they may exhibit the temple with a four legged friend. Right next to the ticketing entrance, visitors may hire a pony carriage to bring them around a site. For a bigger companion, however, they may also go around the property whilst riding on an elephant’s back. Though the Sanctuary of Truth is known to be a place of reverence, it offers different kinds of activities to entertain the visitors once they are done checking out the temple. They can feed tiny sharks with a feeding stick at the shark feeding pool, enjoy a thrilling ride towards the beach’s shores on an ATV, or take a gastronomic adventure and taste real Thai cuisine. Rest assured that whatever the activity they choose, that the watchful eyes of the revered images in the Sanctuary of Truth will keep them happy and safe.

Trip Guru would like to remind potential visitors that they must present themselves correctly once they enter the temple. So clothes that reveal your knees, and shoulders are not allowed, however, if you find yourself caught up in the wrong dress code, you may rent a shawl for 500 Baht. Just remember to return the garment before leaving so that your money can be returned

Going to the Sanctuary of Truth is simple. You can take a songthaew heading towards the Dolphin Roundabout and get off at Naklua Soi 12. From there, you can choose to either walk to the temple or take a motorbike taxi. The Sanctuary of Truth is opened daily from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Entrance fee costs around 500 Baht.



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    13. 04. 2016


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