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Discover Taroko National Park - Taipei


Getting to know the biodiversity of a foreign city is one way to appreciate the destination. Wrapping one’s self in a blanket made by nature is, after all, a comforting feeling that connects human beings to Mother Nature. By seeing the different types of species of flora and fauna only local to the nation, it sparks a sense of wonder, which, after all, is what fuels a traveler to keep visiting more unknown lands. In the city of Taipei, Taiwan, travelers can get this sensation at the Taroko National Park – a the must see destination, for those who want to get in touch with the country’s “greener” side.

Though Taipei is known for its bustling city, just south of its borders the Taroko National Park can be located. This park, that covers 1200km2 of land, is filled with lush forests, marble-walled canyons, a marvelous mountainous landscape, and various species of animals, some of which can only be seen in Taiwan. Escaping from the urban atmosphere and entering a zone filled with Earth’s natural beauty, travelers will realize that there are perfect hideaways people can get to, if they decide to take a break from their busy environment.

Besides wandering through the pathways filled with Taipei’s amazing flora and fauna, there are other sites which can be found in Taroko National Park, which include: Tunnel of Nine Turns, Eternal Spring Shrine, Tienshyang, Chueilu Tuanyah Precipice, Lioufan Chiao Bridge, Puloh Wan, Yentzihkou (Swallow Grotto), Chinheng Kungyuan, Park, and Tsihmuchiao (The Bridge of Kind Mother). With all these attractions in one place, visiting this national park is always worth the journey.

Entry to the national park is free and if you plan to travel along the Central Cross-Island Highway, then there is no need to apply for a permit. However, if you decide to go through the ecological protection areas, Trip Guru would like to remind you that you should contact the Recreation & Service Section of the park first before anything else. Also, if you majority of your group are foreigners, the team leader should be Taiwanese, so that in a case of an emergency, aid will be sent to you in haste.

The fastest way to get to Taroko National park from Taipei is to hire a car and take Freeway No. 3 from Nangang or Muzha to connect Freeway No. 5 via Yilan to Suáo. From there connect to the provincial highway No. 9 to Taroko National Park. The park is open from 8:30AM to 5:00PM every day, except on the second Monday of every month and the day before Lunar New Year.



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