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Discover The Countryside at Vientiane - Vientiane


There are a lot of travelers who prefer exploring the culture of a different country by immersing themselves with the local flora and fauna. Bathing under the sunlight whilst being guided by the creations of Mother Nature is just one of the many ways people can enjoy their stay; and though it does not fit the interests of every tourist, it does help broaden the perspective and appreciate the beautiful landscape of the nation. In Laos, there are numerous places wherein travelers can experience their botanic adventure they have always sought after. Yes, they can conquer the vastness of protected national parks and challenging mountain ranges, but nothing is as peaceful and as scenic like traveling the roads of the Vientiane countryside.

Although the pace of Laotian life is slower compared to big countries, there is a subtle difference when travelers visit the city’s outskirts. Filled with dusty roads, soaring trees, and hidden getaways, the Vientiane countryside is the best place to break away from stressful living. Some landscapes offer rows and rows of rice paddies, which are manned by the locals, whilst others envelop trekkers with the songs of the breeze fiddling with the leaves. With so many things to see, it can be difficult to choose which area to start with. To narrow down your options, Trip Guru suggests that trekking from Tad Leuk to Tad Saang is the definite answer.

Tad Leuk and Tad Saang are waterfalls which are only two hours apart, if you are going on foot.  Tad Leuk is hidden within a dense and humid forest, which houses delicate orchids and other local flora and fauna. Tad Saang, on the other hand, is a 59m waterfall that cascades to a large pool – ideal for swimming. Though both bodies of water are quite near each other, Trip Guru suggests that you should take a guide so that the journey would be informative and reduce the chances of you getting lost.

To get to Tad Leuk, you can take a private car or motor bike from Vientiane and drive south on National Road no. 13. After 90km, turn left before Thabok. The road will lead you to Ban Houay Leuk, and then after following the signs, take a right turn after the village before crossing the bridge over Nam Leuk.



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    14. 04. 2016


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