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Discover The Kamu and Hmong Village - Luang Prabang


Sometimes it's pleasant to go off the beaten path and if you're looking forward to escaping life and how stressful it can get, Trip Guru would like to recommend that you try taking a long, relaxing trek to find the villages of Kamu and Hmong. It may just be what you need to get back on track, especially if life's stressful problems get too heavy, at times.

Kamu and Hmong villages are small, but there are many things to explore and see. Kamu is a village of adults and children living in mud-and-brick homes, where you can stop for a little water break and a rest before continuing onto the village of Hmong, which is interesting in itself. Hmong is a village with about 25 people and may be an interesting sight, especially if there are travellers who grew up in big cities. Hmong is a tiny village with farm animals such as pigs, chickens and cows littered about, and children wandering about. If you wish, you can purchase any accessories that the mothers of these children make. It's the epitome of a simple village, with farm animals and houses with thatched roofs. Feel free to explore what was life before big cities and concrete streets were made.

In comparison, Kamu Village is a little bit bigger, with a school building and small solar panels installed. There are the same huts, but they are now slightly larger and if you are able to have a host family, they can take care of you for the duration of your stay, with a hearty dinner of chicken soup, fresh mixed vegetables and even some sticky rice. It's certainly an experience that reaches beyond comfort zones, and sometimes is exactly what every traveller needs. Aside from that, there are a plethora of outdoor activity companies in Luang Prabang, lined up neatly in Sisavangvong Road and you can experience some kayaking, and even experience an adventure with white elephants.

To begin the trek to Kamu and Hmong Village, you can drive outside of Luang Prabang, get a longboat and cross the Nam Khan river, and then your walk can start. Soon, you will reach Kamu village.




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