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Discover The Victoria Peak - Hong Kong


There are different ways to appreciate the skyline of Hong Kong, but one of the best ways is to see it from the top of a mountain. That’s why Trip Guru recommends going up Victoria Peak, Hong Kong’s highest summit, which is known to locals as just The Peak.

Because of the breath-taking panoramic views from the top, The Peak has been one of Hong Kong’s most popular attractions since the colonial era. To see this view, travelers can choose from two viewing decks: one is at the Peak Galleria, a medium-sized mall near the summit and free to the public; or the Sky Terrace of the Peak Tower, which has a HK$ 48 admission fee. Or they can even go further up to Victoria Peak Garden for an even better panorama. Yet today, it’s not only the summit that’s worth visiting. The journey itself to the top is an experience, seemingly a green escape from the crowded city below. This rings true whether riding the 120-year-old Peak Tram or when hiking up. While some locals decry the fact that The Peak has become quite commercialized—after all, there is a mall near the top—it’s still definitely worth the trip.  

For those going up to The Peak, the same advice for the rest of the island applies: make sure to wear comfortable clothing and footwear. While it’s generally colder up at the top, there’s no need to wear extra layers of clothing. And while the viewing decks at The Peak Galleria are free, best to bring some money along for refreshments.

To get to The Peak, travelers can take the historic tram from its terminus in Central; the first trip departs at 7 am. However, lines at The Peak tram station can be very, very long; so arriving early is advised. There are also buses (Route No. 15) and minibuses (Minibus No. 1) that go up to The Peak; travelers can also take a taxi up to the top. When planning a trip to The Peak, either go early in the morning to avoid the crowds, or go at evening to see the lights. Morning is also a good time to start a trek, as there are several trails to the peak via Lung Fu Shan Country Park or via Old Peak Road. While a well-paved system of sidewalks and stairs lead up to the top, some of them snake through foliage; hence, those planning to go at night should bring along a flashlight.



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