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Discover Wat Chai Mongkhon - Pattaya


The Wat Chai Mongkhon is a restored Buddhist temple, rebuilt in the memory of King Naresuan the Great for his victory over the Burmese. This temple is famous for a 23-foot long statue of a reclining Buddha, representing Buddha after his death and is one of the largest outdoor reclining Buddhas in Thailand. If you’re captivated by the view of temples or would just like a refreshing view of the spiritual side of the city, then Trip Guru invites you to visit the Wat Chai Mongkhon.

If you’d like to learn the art of meditation, Buddhist monks still hold regular meditation sessions at the temple. Enter and feel the calm emanating from the various Buddha statues glittering inside. There is a brilliant Buddhist stupa, a bell-shaped tower stands guard over the entire temple. Standing at an impressive 60m tall, the tower invites visitors to climb the distinguished, weather-worn steps to peer into a tiny, but beautifully kept space.

Behind the tower, there are the statues of the Buddha, stately and dignified. Inside, there are Buddha statues covered in gold leaf. You can also deposit a few coins or a note inside a wishing-well, for blessings and well-wishes for friends and family. While walking, you can enjoy the company of rows of Buddhas surrounding the entire compound, all clad in yellow and orange. It’s the perfect place to settle down quietly and reflect about life. Wat Chai Mongkhon is a temple dedicated to tranquility and peace. The basic rule when visiting Thai temples is to cover your shoulders and knees, for men and women to show respect. Choose shirts that cover your shoulders, blouses and polos. You can also accessorize with a scarf draped along your shoulders, or a skirt worn as a sarong.

To get to the Wat Chai Mongkhon, there is a public van from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. Take the van at Victory Monument, located in front of the Robinson Department Store. When nearing Ayutthaya, you can request to get dropped off there and then take a motorcycle taxi to Wat Chai Mongkhon. The temple is open daily, from 08:00am to 4:30pm.



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