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Elephant Day Care: Feed and Bathe Elephants in a Jungle Sanctuary

Interact with Thailand’s most iconic and best-loved animal in their natural habitat

Support the ethical and eco-tourism project by helping to feed and care for their rescued animals - each and every day counts!

Get a glimpse of life in the native Karen hill tribes; the project provides many Karen (indigenous) people with employment, education, and financial support

Enjoy a traditional Thai lunch

  • Trip Duration: 9 hs
  • Available Languages: English / Chinese
  • Pickup & drop off to your hotel
  • Instant Confirmation
  • Food and/or beverages
  • Special gear and equipment
  • Certified tour guide / instructor
  • Insurance



Spend a day at an elephant conservation camp caring for Chiang Mai’s rescued elephants. You will surely appreciate and understand the gentle giants after interacting with them for a day in their natural habitat(as featured in our blog: Love and preserve the most valuable treasure with volunteer activities).

Unlike other elephant tours, this trip strictly refrains from activities such as elephant riding or circus-type tricks. The caretakers will ask you to don traditional Karen attire to make the elephants comfortable and at ease seeing (and smelling) something familiar.

When the feeding begins, try to be careful not to crowd the larger-than-life creatures, or put yourself directly in their way. Remember, although never aggressive, they are still wild animals who sometimes don’t know their own strength when interacting so closely with us tiny human beings. The adult Asian elephant weigh between 2,700-5,400 kg, and babies are born at almost 100 kg!

This tour also advocates a healthy and humane elephant experience. We have taken great care to select an ethical and sustainable eco-tourism project located some 60km Chiang Mai city proper. Members of the Karen hill-tribes and Chiang Mai locals are behind this initiative to protect Thailand’s most iconic and revered animal.

"This was an amazing experience. In that particular camp as well, there was a baby in residence, and he had a tricky time feeding himself on the normal grass and leaves the caretakers provide, because he was still very clumsy with his trunk" - Morena Travels
"Many of the animals here have been rescued from abusive elephant-riding operators, and are now being rehabilitated by the sustainable eco-tourism project. It was wonderful to see the gentle giants forming familial relationships with fellow rescued creatures, as well as deep and loving connections with their mahouts" - Lifestyle Asia


Pick up from your hotel or accommodation
Drive approximately 1.5 hours outside of Chiang Mai through rural landscapes, agricultural areas, and forested hills
Arrive at the Karen village. Meet your guide and walk for 10-15 minutes through the village to the elephant sanctuary. Change into traditional Karen clothing.
Introductory lesson about elephant anatomy, history, and behaviour
Meet the elephants. Feed, interact, and play with the pachyderms in their natural home as you learn about their behaviour and history. Take photos with the elephants.
Traditional Thai lunch with fresh fruit
Walk with the elephants to the river. Bathe and brush the elephants
Join the elephants for a therapeutic mud spa. Swim in the river and take photos with the elephants
Change clothes and walk for 10-15 minutes through the Karen village
Return to Chiang Mai
Drop off at your hotel or accommodation


  • Chelsey Sokoloff

    30. 01. 2018

    This trip was awesome! Our guide was great! The group was great. It was so convenient with a pick up and drop off at the hotel. Oh, and we got to play with giant elephants and swim in a gorgeous waterfall! Highly recommend it!!

  • Jay Sloane

    21. 01. 2018

    It was a great day trip. The whole day was very well planned out down to every detail. We highly recommend this tour.

  • danny

    11. 01. 2018

    The staff were amazing, giving a lot of information & guidance. We learnt a lot throughout the day and have taken home amazing memories. Photos were taken on the day and are being uploaded to Facebook free of charge. The elephants were in no way hurt or harmed or made to do anything they didn’t want to do ! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you

  • Faith Larmay

    08. 01. 2018

  • Emanuel

    05. 01. 2018

  • Daniela

    22. 12. 2017

    Never miss this one! Love the elephants, my group participants, my knowledgeable and caring guide, nothing can not be more fun than the mud bath, don’t want to leave this lovely place at all!

  • Annamaria

    11. 12. 2017

    Quite a lovely day! the elephants looks so friendly and seemed also enjoyed a lot! Super interesting! Love this feeling so much that you can playing, living, communicating with this amazing creature.

  • Keeshia

    30. 11. 2017

    A MUST DO when you are in Chiang Mai! Stayed so close to the elephant and get a glimpse of the local culture. Our guide and the stuff from caring center explained every detail to us about get along with the elephants. Love the mud bath with a group of people we met in this trip and of course the elephant!! Great memory!

  • Adam

    30. 11. 2017

    Extraordinary experience with the elephants! You learned how to take care of them, play with them like a friend, feed them, and mud bath them! Hahaha, that was so fun!!!!

  • Sara

    30. 11. 2017

    This is an amazing experience that you can actually spend a day with this giant but cute creature, no one sit on them, and you can learn to behave like a real friend, feels so great! Thanks to our guide taught us so much about elephant and took care of us at the same time.

  • Tany

    14. 09. 2017

    Amazing full day visit with the elephants. I did in the past half day but wasn't enough as usually the reservoirs are 1hour drive from Chiang Mai. The stuff here are so so educated on the elephant's life and story, giving great significance to the preserve these species by rescuing them from human exploits such as circuses and riding activities. While it's very questionable using animals to create an attraction, this tour really focuses on keeping them happy in their natural habitat. They are not forced to do anything they don't want. They are used to interact with human beings in a very friendly way. Great experience, totally recommended for anyone who wants to have the first contact with this lovely mammals.

  • Chong

    14. 09. 2017

    Great day and experience. The tour itself it is a must do in Chiang Mai. I was a little bit upset that the pickup arrived 30minutes later, however the staff called our hotel concierge to notify this. The lunch included was decent and the stuff very kind.

  • Daiana

    14. 09. 2017

    This tour guarantees that they put the elephants first and later you submerge into their characteristic natural habitat giving you a genuine thought of how they live. The staff are extremely fun and friendly and all the details from pickup/drop off and lunch perfectly organized. It was sincerely the best experience I have ever had. There's even an expert photographer to take snaps of the whoel day.They are pretty decent! Try not to go to some other elephant tours, don't give yourself a chance to ride the elephants! I have seen different spots with elephants and it is so miserable to see them tied up and disturbed. Here you can immediately perceive their happines and delight of interacting with human beings. Greatest day ever.

  • Audrey

    14. 09. 2017

    Just to spent a day with this happy elephants were sufficient for me to give this tour a 5 stars. The local staff working at this reservoir speak perfect english, and they are able to teach you all the story and past of each elephant. The pickup and drop off from the hotel was really authentic with local jeeps around the forest. The staff also takes great pictures from the whole day and later they share it in Facebook. This is not Elephant ride, support reservoirs please! Thanks TripGuru!!

  • Claudia

    07. 09. 2017

    Absolutely loved my whole day out in the middle of Chiang Mai's forest. They picked up us from the hotel and drove us for 1 hour to reach the sanctuary. We were just 8 of us with 9 elephants and the guide who was very friendly and knowledgeable of all the story about these animals. All of them are treated very well and the place was really authentic: we fed, played in the mud and bathed the elephants in the river. Definitely I would come back and do it again!

  • Melany

    07. 09. 2017

    Lovely experience! Not elephant ride, just a full day with them learning about their past history, how they were rescued, and how to interact with them in a fun way! We took tons of pictures with our own camera and also the activity includes a photographer who uploads the footages later on Facebook. Definitely, a must do experience in Chiang Mai!

  • Patricia Figueroa

    07. 09. 2017

    We enjoyed our visit to this elephant sanctuary. What you need to know is that these lovely creatures have been rescued from human exploitation and circuses. This sanctuary is totally not elephant rides. It's all about of learning how to feed, bathe, play and interact with them!

  • Sandra

    07. 09. 2017

    My two friends and I did the full day tour package here and it was absolutely brilliant! While we were looking for options here in Chiang Mai we were quite concerned if the elephants were mistreated or used for elephant rides but this was not the case. Great day and positive memory

  • Paul

    26. 10. 2016

    Hermoso dia con los elefantes!! El ambiente y la naturaleza en que se encontraba el camp era genial y los guias muy graciosos y simpaticos! Pudimos acariciar, alimentar y bañar a los elefantes y disfrutar de un baño de barro con ellos! Todo muy divertido, incluso con el dia semi lluvioso que nos toco, no hubo problemas. Super recomendado si de verdad quieren estar cerca de estos animales y verlos jugar y comer libremente! Gracias x la experiencia!!

  • Thomas

    11. 08. 2016

    I was lucky enough to be alone with the elephants. They are astounding creatures, and are quite intelligent. I had fun giving them a bath and rubbing their bodies with mud. I took so many photos of my favorite elephant in the sanctuary. He was so cute and sweet. Elephants are awesome!


  • Pick-up and drop-off in Chiang Mai Area (Note: Limited to certain areas only)
  • Photographer & online photo album on Facebook
  • Traditional Thai Buffet lunch
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Drinking water
  • Food for feeding the elephants
  • Use of traditional native attire
  • Hat
  • Bathing Suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Towel
  • Walking Shoes
  • Change of Clothes
  • Camera (Optional)

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