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Sunrise Hike to Mount Batur Volcano and Hot Springs

Watch the sunrise over the clouds at Bali’s sacred Mount Batur

Trek 11 km (4 hours) through the jungle under a blanket of stars

Summit at the volcanic crater lake and take in panoramic views at the summit ridge

Breakfast and lunch included

Chill up in the natural hot spring over looking to the biggest lake in Bali and Mount Abang

Pickup and drop off to your hotel in a private car

  • Trip Duration: 10hs
  • Available Languages: English
  • Pickup & drop off to your hotel
  • Instant Confirmation
  • Food and/or beverages
  • Special gear and equipment
  • Certified tour guide / instructor



Catch the sun rising above the clouds as you climb Bali's famous Mount Batur, an active volcano part of UNESCO’s Global Geopark Network. At sunrise, the sky turns from black to inky blue to pink and orange revealing the expanse of the volcanic valley.

The sunrise trek to Mount Batur volcano is considered an essential Bali experience as featured in our blog: Walk in the Paths of the Clouds at Kintamani and Mount Batur. The famous volcano stands at 1,717 m (5,633 ft) above sea level, overlooking spectacular scenery with views of the crater lake, black lava landscape, and the massive peak of Gunung Agung, Bali’s holiest mountain and the highest point on the island. 

It takes around 2 hours to reach the summit (1.5 if you're fast); the total hiking duration is usually 4 hours. Before light, we will be walking at cooler climes under an awe-inspiring blanket of stars. At the top, you’ll watch the sun come up over a sea of clouds before continuing to trek around the crater lake and summit ridge. You'll be given a hot beverage and a sandwich + egg to revive your spirits. After exploring recent lava flows and younger craters, we’ll head down to loop back to the starting point through a unique volcanic landscape full of native flora and fauna (watch out for the tall grass with purple blooms), encountering mischievous Balinese long-tailed macaques along the way. Treat you muscle and chill up in the natural hot spring over looking to the biggest lake in Bali and Mount Abang.

Travelers must be up and early to begin their trek to make it in time for the break of dawn. You will arrive at the starting point at 3:30am and will begin with a short briefing. Arriving at the top of Mt. Batur takes 1.5-2 hours (3.5km); the total distance of the trail is around 11km. 

Note: Pickup/Drop off included in the price listed. Please inform the name of your hotel during the checkout process. 


Bring a huge smile and enjoy the trekking you won’t regret it!- Macarena @ Sweet and Sunset Pura Vida

Aside from the sunrise, I thought a particularly beautiful section of the hike was the grassland with purple flowers making for a magical scene. - Morena Travels


Hotel pick-up (depending on place of stay)
Arrive at the starting point
Short briefing. Trek Start
Arrive at the top of the volcano; watch the sunrise with a hot beverage and snack provided
Trek back to the starting point
Drive to hot springs
Estimated time of arrival back to your hotel (earlier if in Ubud)
Pickup is available from any location. For group bookings, exact pickup time depends on participants respective locations. The driver will contact you the evening before your activity date to confirm the exact time


  • Lilly

    24. 01. 2018

    Absolutely amazing experience! Great driver and guide up the mountain. Would 100% recommend!

  • Belinda

    08. 01. 2018

    Perfect choice I made in Bali! I was traveling alone but want to try the trekking with someone else, then I found this site and joined a group, solved my problem perfectly! So I met a few new friends at 2 am in the dark, really interesting time to meet new friends haha... one girl was also travel alone, had a nice talk and we even did another trip together the next day. Everyone was really nice and funny, the trekking was not hard, but so much fun!

  • Giulio

    18. 12. 2017

    Started at 2.00am and climbed the mountain with stars was an lovely experience you should have, and the sunrise absolutely worth the effort you made! We met some monkeys during way back, love this trek!

  • Mario

    11. 12. 2017

    Most amazing day of our tour in Bali! The eruption of the Agung volcano caused a lot of trouble for the airport, but gave us a once in a lifetime experience for watching this eruption from another mountain! No words can exactly describe how I felt when I was standing there, just go and feel it yourself!

  • Veronica

    08. 12. 2017

    Interesting experience for grabbing your volcano breakfast with the first morning sunshine. Everyone met in the group were soooo funny, and our guide knows a lot, feels great for visiting new places and meeting new friends this way. Will come and join again next time.

  • Luis

    30. 11. 2017

    A lot of fun along the way, our guide encouraged us a lot, and took care of everyone all the time, told us some interesting stories about the volcano, and you just can’t miss the sunrise, worth every step.

  • Anna

    30. 11. 2017

    The trek was not so hard as we thought. If you are afraid of cold bring a wind-proof jacket, we didn’t need to wear that for it’s so exciting when we finally reached the peak. Fabulous sunrise, and we got lovely breakfast.

  • Gypsy Klainguti

    30. 11. 2017

    We got a very caring guide, helped us a lot during the trek. When you go up, it was still dark and you can see beautiful stars, and when you finally get to the top, the sunrise was PERFECT. The trek down could be more interesting for everything is in the warm sunshine. If Bali, definitely must go!

  • Paul

    17. 11. 2017

    Absolutely Magical, would recommend this to anyone looking to see some serious Beauty!

  • Benjamin

    01. 11. 2017

    Thank you very much for the perfect organization started with the short notice booking - just the day before the trip. The punctual pick up in the middle of the night in Canggu by the OKY BALI DRIVER (FACEBOOK Name) The perfect ride at a good pace but always secure and comfortable. The good trekking guide. Unfortunately forgot her name. She was a good guide and could explain me the necessary things. Her English and small talk capability could have been a bit better. As she was quite young she has still the potential to improve.

  • Ellie Young

    14. 10. 2017

    Everything about the experience was Fantastic!! A must do activity if you visit Bali. it was completely stress free via Trip Guru with a confirmation email to confirm pick up time.

  • Katia

    08. 10. 2017

    It was amazing.

  • Lameez Patel

    29. 09. 2017

    My mount Batur hike was a very special trip which I will treasure the memory of for a very long time. I liked how patient and calm our trekking guide was. I got sick 3 quarter way up the mountain and he was very kind and helped me and waited. He also made us a very tasty breakfast at the top of the mountain which I was very grateful for. The climb was awesome and I made lovely friends in my group and along the way. The sunrise was spectacular and did not disappoint. The whole experience was just breathtaking.

  • Goda Kunigiškytė

    14. 09. 2017

    Big thanks to the team! Driver was nice, patient and we had no worries! Especially, tour guide was helpful, responsible and we felt safe! Had an amazing time!

  • Sum Lucero

    11. 09. 2017

    Dear all, Wanted to give Pak Ketut and Pak Nyoman the highest possible rating I can give. They were so accommodating and friendly to us. Never had any problem, whatsover. Pak Nyoman is the best, I hope he gets a raise or some big tip for his work. He's an amazing guy and I don't think we could have made the trek any better without him. He was patient with us, given that we stop most of the time, he was funny, helpful and his english was superb! Pak Ketut was really helpful too and I enjoyed the trivia he was sharing with us on the way back to the hotel. @Pak Ketut, thanks for letting me sleep when I said I still need to. ;-) My body is still aching until now but the trip to the top of Batur and seeing the sunrise while munching the bfast that Pak Nyoman prepared is one experience I will never forget. Thanks guys and hope to return again soon. :) Sum

  • Nick Dal

    11. 09. 2017

    By far the greatest thing to do in Bali, and with the best tour group. By law hiking Batur requires a guide, but booking through Tripguru two days before the hike almost ensures you'll have a solo experience. You'll be contacted by the driver the night before to arrange pickup details, be taken to the base of the mountain around 3am, and begin hiking. At the top you'll experience absolute quiet as you wait for the sunrise, and if you keep an eye on the sky you may catch a few shooting stars. Be warned, it will be cold at the top. You can either be uncomfortable carrying a jacket the entire way up, or uncomfortable at the top waiting for the sunrise, pick your poison. This package has the best breakfast included I saw at the summit. Everyone else gets maybe an egg or two, this group gets you two sandwiches, two eggs and a hot drink. Don't be too excited for the eggs, they're pretty messy and half boiled, but hold onto them! They're like mini heat pads you can press against your body, keeping you warm for at least thirty minutes. MOST IMPORTANT: Behind the shack at the top, there are volcanic vents constantly emitting warm, humid air. I recommend waiting here for the sunrise. The humidity may make the wind colder, but when you need the closest thing to a campfire, these hotspots will do.

  • Yan Sin

    08. 09. 2017

    From what our driver told us, there's 3 starting points to the top. Apparently the one that we started at offered the best view at the top as well as it is the least crowded during the hike. Great experience indeed.

  • Isabella

    04. 09. 2017

    Amazing view from the top of the vulcano! Good tour, I recommend it.

  • Anas Ben Jelloun

    03. 08. 2017

    The tracking experience today was fantastic. Both the driver and the guide were on time and professional. They attended to our needs with a big smile on their faces. I highly recommend them to anybody coming to the beautiful island of Bali.

  • ফারহানা সাথী

    25. 07. 2017

    There was nothing to dislike, everyone was so nice and supportive.

  • C Fujimura

    24. 07. 2017

    Saved money hiking with others especially as a solo traveller. The group ended up seperating due to different abilities but still able to reach the top. Wish we couldve walked around the crater a bit but all worth it.

  • Kevin Peron

    24. 07. 2017

    One of my best souvenir of Bali, thank's to trip guru who offered me the chance to so it for a good price with an awesome guide.

  • Lara Pietri

    21. 07. 2017

    Stunning scenery, lovely guide, amazing experience over all! Highly recommended!!

  • Julienne

    08. 06. 2017

    Aside from the sunrise, I thought a particularly beautiful section of the hike was the grassland with purple flowers making for a magical scene. There were also monkeys on the trail - always entertaining to encounter. I also liked the part where you slide down the mountain on volcanic ash and gravel

  • Kellie

    07. 06. 2017

    Loved it, was exactly as described plus some bonus monkey action.

  • Marco Bonissoni

    02. 06. 2017

    Everything perfect!

  • Sandra

    19. 05. 2017

    Not an easy hike but TOTALLY worth it. Began the hike around 3:30 am. Arrived just before sunrise. A special guide must be with you the entire hike, you will not be allowed go alone (according to others). Basic breakfast at the top provided by your guide (where it's chill, about 12C), so suggest to all travellers to bring long sleeve shirt and a hoodie. The sunrise is breathtaking, you will not regret waking up at 2am!

  • Thomas

    19. 05. 2017

    We decided last minute to do the Mount Batur trekking following the good reviews and recommendations of Trip Guru Staff. Trust me, they didn't't disappoint us! Our guide Oky was excellent and took care of us 100 % even if we were not the most fit customers. The track was a little bit tough but at the end it was so worth it, because the views were breathtaking. A lifetime experience! The pick up and drop off was on time and the car was brande new, excellent! Totally recommend these people! Cheers, Thomas

  • Huette

    19. 05. 2017

    Great instructor and driver. The watching the sunrise at Batur is a memorable experience you can't skip from your trip to Bali. The service was great, the driver Pick up us in Seminyak with our luggage and drop up us off at the airport ready to take our flight. Wouldn't be possible to do this experience without it. Thanks!!

  • Yasir

    19. 05. 2017

    Great sunrise, great experience. The best moment of our Bali trip was to watch the beautiful sunrise from the top of the volcano. Great pick up and drop off service. The instructor was great, perfect english.

  • Alfredo

    19. 05. 2017

    Awesome experience. The trekking is not tough at all, the guide will stop and give you a break to spot the best scenes to take pictures of the beautiful sunrise. Very affordable price for a group of 4 people. Breakfast was included and the pick up was on time from Nusa Dua.

  • Jeremy da Silva

    19. 04. 2017

    My friend and I really enjoyed our hike up the mountain! It was pretty tough but the view was definitely worth it!

  • Daniella

    16. 04. 2017

    This is the 2nd time I hike the Mount Batur Volcano. My first time was back in 2010 when I was a solo backpacker. At that time the hostel concierge arranged everything for us but the experience was less enjoyable. We were a big young group of 20 people (most of them hungover) and we had to stop every 30 minutes. This time I decided to try this again and asking around everybody recommended Trip Guru. It was my first time booking online a tour and the experience was satisfactory. I could chat with their customer service online to sort out some last minute pick up issues (and it was 11am, late night...). Thanks to this tour, now I can make a statement why the Mount Batur sunrise is one of the best experiences you can enjoy in Bali. We were just a group of 5, with people from totally different nationalities so we could share a lot of interesting stories along our way to the top. Absolutely a great cultural experience with the team. The tour guide had great timing to make us stop in the best spots to enjoy the sunrise. There are a lot of stories and myths behind the volcano that only a local guide can tell. 4hs hike sounds a bit scary but the guide was constantly motivating us to make it. The tour includes coffee and brakefast and the guide provides water to rehydrate. This small details made big difference compared to my previous experience. Thank you!

  • James

    16. 04. 2017

    We loved this experience. I have to admit that waking up at 2am in the morning was hard at first, but the whole trekking to watch the sunrise at the Batur Volcano paid off. Definitely one of the best memories in our life. The colour of the skies turn from orange to pink and blue, the vibe of the volcano make you feel you are at the top of the world, totally inspiring! If we would hike this by ourselves we would get totally lost. The guide knows the paths and every single spot of this mountain. He timed perfectly the itinerary to make us stop to chill and enjoy the breathtaking views of the volcano and capture the best pictures of our trip in Bali. 4 hours hike was absolutely easy and enjoyable with him. The staff of Trip Guru made sure we were picked up in time at our hotel and the whole organization was perfect. I absolutely suggest to book this experience with them as across our ways we saw many other crowded tours usually organised by the hotel concierge. We were so lucky to have Oky. We felt ours was much more personalised and authentic. He adapts the speed of the hike to your physical condition and keeps you motivated to reach to the top no matter what. Thanks Trip Guru for this once in a lifetime experience. We will book again your amazing tours anytime soon

  • Shing

    24. 08. 2016

    No matter how many times I trekked Mt. Batur it will always feel like my first. The air up there is just pure, and wherever I looked, everything was lush and serene. Even if I've been here numerous times, it was great that I had a tour guide with me.

  • Nathan

    22. 08. 2016

    Taking this tour was an upgrade from any of the past tours I've had. I was out of my element, but it was a good experience nonetheless. Got to see the non-sandy side of Bali, and the view at the very top is gorgeous. I had to take dozens of photos because there is nothing like it from where I live.


  • Pick-up and Drop-Off in private car
  • Trekking Guide
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance Fees
  • Hot Tea / Hot Coffee
  • Parking Fee
  • Trekking poles and torches/flashlights supplied if needed
  • Lunch
  • Extra Drinks
  • Personal purchases
  • Insurance
  • Hot spring entrance fee (included locker, towel, soap) 200,000 IDR
  • Camera
  • Cash / Money
  • Trekking / Running Shoes
  • Jacket
  • E-voucher
  • Sunscreen
  • Small Towel
  • Changing Shirt

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