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 Day Trip to Bangnamphung Floating Market  gallery

Day Trip to Bangnamphung Floating Market

Free Cancellation - 24 hours notice

TripGuru Price Guarantee

Trip Duration: 4hs

Available Languages: English


    What you can expect

    Experience shopping for goods in a new environment. Instead of walking between numbered aisles, grab fresh produce from boats that float on Thailand's waters.

    The Bangnamphung floating market is but one example. And it opens its doors to travelers, who want to get a chance to shop by the river. In this package, the destination is only but a piece of the whole experience. You will get a taste of how the locals get to the market. You will ride various modes of transport such as trucks, motorcycle taxis, boats, and the BTS sky train. Once you  arrive in the floating market, you'll have time to explore. Here, you can taste the flavors of local favorites or shop for souvenirs. At the end of the tour, you will travel the same way they came. This package is a good introduction to the perfect Thai getaway. Transportation will be provided every step of the way.



    After a short briefing, it will take 10 minutes if you walk, ride a truck, or ride a boat and 5 minutes if you ride a motorcycle taxi to reach the Floating Market


    Estimated time that will arrive at the floating market and let the exploration begin


    Estimated time of departure from the market

    01.30pm - 02.00pm

    Drop off at BTS Sky Train

    Customer Reviews

    Average Rating

    4.00 (1)

    Jin  Chien user & reviewer

    Jin Chien

    August, 2016

    The trip was tiring but worth it. I myself don't go to the market, but after this experience, I might just go. The way to the floating market was spectacular. I got to see the faces of the locals and ...+ more

    What you should bring

    • Comfortable Shoes

    • Sun screen

    • Hat or Umbrella

    • E-voucher

    What’s included in the price

    • Sightseeing as the itinerary including admission fee as stated in program

    • Local transporation such as feery , boat, moto taxi

    • English speaking tour guide

    • Admission fee of the tour guide for the guide if applicant

    • Credit card Charge

    • Snack, drink in itinerary

    • Ensurance

    What’s excluded from the price

    • Pick-up and drop-off from hotel

    • Personal items & hotel incidental charges

    • Drink

    • Accommodation

    • Third language speaking guide charge extra 500 Baht/half day tour or 1000 baht/day tour (Day tour)

    Our cancellation policy

    • If you cancel at least 24 hrs before the activity date, TripGuru will provide a full refund of the price paid at booking.

    • If you cancel less than 24 hrs before the activity date, or if you don’t show up on the Date, no refund

    When you will get your confirmation

    • You will receive a confirmation email instantly after booking

    • In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email

    Available every day

    Sat, June 22

    $40 per person

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    Sun, June 23

    $40 per person

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    even if the group is not full.

    Sat, June 29

    $40 per person

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    No worries! The activity will take place

    even if the group is not full.

    TripGuru Price Guarantee


    Day Tour

    Day Tour

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    Available Jun, 22

    [object Object]

    44 booked


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