Become a Tour Guide

Become a tour guide

Become a tour guide

TripGuru is redefining the way travelers choose, book and share unforgettable experiences. Join our pool of tour operators and amplify your business.

We will work with you to create the best travel experiences

TripGuru will help you craft itineraries based on global travel trends to give you an edge over other local competitors. Benefit from our top-of-the-line data analytics to create the best products in your market.

Access to online and eCommerce tools

We remove the stress of building your own eCommerce store. TripGuru will take care of processing payments, handling online reservations and transactions. We deposit your earnings directly to your bank account every month.

Benefit from TripGuru branding

Operate tours using TripGuru branding to boost your credibility and presence. Become affiliated with one of the fastest-growing international networks of stellar tour guides. Receive full support to raise the quality of your products and make them up to par with global standards.

Receive training, workshops and certifications

Joining TripGuru means gaining access to the company’s online training, workshops and certifications. We share our know-how with you, empowering you and your business to meet expectations from international travelers.

Full customer service and operations support

You take care of the customers in-destination, we take care of the rest. TripGuru provides full help desk support up to 24 hours per day to arrange, coordinate and respond to booking concerns and requests from clients.

Get plugged into the biggest players in the industry

TripGuru partners with the biggest online travel agencies including Airbnb Experiences, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, Klook and more. By joining us, you’ll effectively get placed in all major digital marketplaces, empowering you to become an entrepreneur.

Editorial and content production

Allow our marketing and content management team to handle all your copywriting needs. No need to write your own descriptions or launch your own GoogleAds campaign – we’ve got experts to do it for you!

Featured Tour Guide:

Our journey with Oky in Bali

Become a tour guide

Featured tour guide


Meet Oky, a Balinese tour guide who signed up to become a tour operator with TripGuru in 2017. When we first met him, he was doing around US$1,000 every month, but started making fewer bookings when travel platforms changed their algorithms to rely heavily on reviews.

TripGuru approached Oky and provided him with the products to operate; we gave him our brand and empowered him to become an entrepreneur, hiring other guides to work with him.

He started coordinating more tours, earning up to US$30,000 a month for his business from 2017-2018. Today, Oky manages 30+ tour guide operating over 40 TripGuru Signature products generating sales of up to US$40,000 a month! In the long run, we would love to replicate this success story with each and every one of you.

Become a tour guide

We're looking to hire tour guides operating in the below-listed locations to escort customers on our branded tours, providing them with the best experience before, during and after each signature activity.