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Discover Amphawa Market - Bangkok


For travelers who are partial to the taste of grilled seafood, Trip Guru can’t wait to tell you all about Amphawa Market! It’s a floating market that sits on the Amphawa canal. There’s an endless array of Thai sweets and snacks, and even a Thai Dessert Museum, so you can take photographs of different Thai sweets on display. Visit and excite your senses with the exotic smells, sounds and tastes of endlessly fresh, carefully prepared food.

Amphawa Market is photogenic as well as spectacular. If you need a little break from the throngs of people, there is always a coffee shop or restaurant on every corner to hide in. While in Amphawa, don’t forget to visit the Rama II Memorial Park, across the market. This park was built to honor King Rama II and while photos of the exhibits are prohibited, you can still experience the serenity that walking through the gardens has to offer. Flowers and fruits are aplenty in this royal garden. Of all the floating markets in Thailand, the Amphawa is the most authentic if you’re looking for arts and crafts, literature, and stationery.

Trip Guru suggests that to enjoy your shopping experience, dress comfortably with light, cool clothes, long pants and don’t forget to bring a light raincoat, as Bangkok rainfall happens in short bursts rather than a long rainfall. Wear sensible walking shoes. You can also go to the Wat Bang Koong, a temple located on the other side of the Mae Khlong River, where you can visit and take photographs of the life-sized Muay Thai statues in the temple. There is also a mini-zoo in front of the temple with animals that are always ready to pose and preen.  Take care to dress neatly when venturing into the temple, make sure to cover your arms, legs, and feet.

The Amphawa Market opens midday until 8pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and is best visited after 4pm. Travel time from central Bangkok is about an hour and a half, depending on traffic. There are buses that travel from the Southern Bus Terminal to Samut Songkram Town, and then take a local songthaew to Amphawa. The Thai Dessert museum is located in the Amphawa Municipality building, next to the ferry pier. Rama II Memorial Park is open from Monday to Sunday, 8am – 6pm.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Iliana

    27. 08. 2016

    My family and I thought that the floating market of Amphawa was so cute! There were local Thai foods made and served to you while on the canal. They use coal instead of gas. I don’t know if it were just me and my family or is does the thought go for everyone else too, but everything just tasted so much better when the food was cooked by coal than gas! We weren’t even hungry! They BBQ bananas too. It was so Thai like! They would wrap the BBQ banana pieces in a banana leaf and then crush it with a wooden plank. Tasted so good! Loved it!

  • Apit

    27. 08. 2016

    Amphawa Market is one of the best floating markets to visit here in Thailand. I really enjoyed the shopping and negotiating while I was on a small boat. I felt that it was very authentic. They have the tastiest coconut milk cream here! It’s iced coconut ice cream in a fresh coconut and there’s also nuts and sticky rice in it too. Was a great way to cool off the heat.

  • Johnny

    13. 04. 2016

    Beautiful place, bit hot but still manageable. Went to the Dessert Museum and enjoyed all the sweets, took photos of the big Muay Thai statues in Wat Bang Koong. The mini-zoo was full of cute and cool animals. Amphawa Market was great for photos, friends will love shopping here!


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