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Discover Chatuchak Market - Bangkok


Tourists, who are looking for a great bargain and want to end their Thailand adventure with shopping, can mingle with the locals in the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This market is the perfect attraction for those who love to bring home items uniquely made from Thailand and just immerse themselves in current Thai culture.

This popular site has over 8000 stalls and is divided into 11 different sections and are classified by what they sell. Stalls can showcase clothing & accessories, handicrafts, ceramics, furniture and home decoration, food & beverage, plants and gardening tools, art and gallery, pets and pet accessories, books, antiques, and collectibles, and miscellaneous and used clothing. Normally, when visitors think about the word “market” they would suspect the traditional commerce between merchant and buyer. However, what makes Chatuchak different from the rest is that it caters to all the human senses. Besides thousands of consumables being displayed, travelers will get a chance to see live music, dancing, singing, and playing of musical skits thus, gradually being exposed to the amazing culture of Thailand on the streets.

Trip Guru would like to advice potential travelers who want to visit this place to strategically arrange their touring schedule. The market is only open on Fridays from 6:00PM to 12:00MN and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00AM to 6:00PM. This weekend market is at its busiest during the summer months, so if travelers want to shop without the crowd, it is best to book flights away from this season.  Trip Guru would also like to remind our backpackers that smoking within the market’s premises is strongly prohibited and offenders will be fined 2,000 Baht.

Two of the most popular ways to get to the Chatuchak Market is by either taking the Skytrain or the subway. Tourists who hop on to the Skytrain will need to get off at Mo Chit station and take exit no. 1. Travelers who take the subway, on the other hand, will need to stop at Chatuchak Park station and take exit no.1. Both options will lead to a crowd and all that is left to do is follow them to the weekend market. For those who will be bringing their vehicles, they must park their cars at the Chatuchak Park Ride and from there take a shuttle bus between the parking lots and the market.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Cynthia

    27. 08. 2016

    Treasure Island is what would describe Chatuchak best. They sell everything here! Not just shoes, hair wigs and clothes but the food stalls here are also very enjoying. Tasty and an easy grab! Not to mention that they have a copy of everything too. From brand perfume to designer clothes! All in a very very affordable price! Will need to come earlier next time to walk down every aisle! There's more than a lot! Gets hot but worth to empty the BAHT out ! Thumbs up!

  • Bethany

    27. 08. 2016

    What do you need for souvenirs? Got no idea what to buy? This market here solved MY problems. Probably will solve yours too! At Chatuchak you can bargain (it's actually already cheap) buy and buy more. There's a numerous range of things you can choose from. Clothes to kitchen decorations and phone covers! It's a mix of everything! I bought Thai design printed skirts and table cloths for my mother and how happy that made her? To the moon and back! Thanks Chatuchak!


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