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Discover Khao San Road and Soi Rambuttri nightlife - Bangkok


The Khao San Road is one of the best nightlife areas in Bangkok, it is the ultimate destination for backpackers and budget travelers. Every day, the street is filled with shopping and dining, as night time falls, this road change to a new life with alluring fancy clubs, bars, and restaurants where visitors seek wild activities, drinking, partying and pole dancing in flickering neon lights. Near the Khao San Road is another famous landmark, the Soi Rambuttri located in the old district where hotels, restaurants, authentic delicacies, night market, and lighter nightlife activities can be found.  

The Club Khao San Road, Brick bar, Day of the dead and Gazebo bars are some of the famous bars, club and restaurant with live music, fabulous atmosphere and cheap drinks, some bars are even free entrance. For backpackers who want milder activities, they visit the Soi Rambuttri for their wide variety of finger foods, exotic delicacies, barbecue, roasted cockroaches, scorpions, crickets or tarantulas. They can also avail the street Thai massage or simply grab a drink in street bars or car bars within the best nightlife areas in Khao San Road & Soi Rambuttri.   

To reach the best nightlife areas in Khao San Road and Rambuttri, buying tickets directly to public terminals is cheaper. Taxi in Sukhumvit and  Skytrain Station takes about half an hour for 90 Baht. From Suvarnabhumi Airport, the underground train will take about half an hour for 45 Baht. From there, they can take a taxi to Khaosan for another 60 Baht. From Silom, the BTS train is available from 6am to 7pm  going to Hualampong, buses will take them to the corners of Khao San Road for another 40 Bath.

The best nightlife areas in Khao San and Soi Rambuttri are active around 7:00 pm until 2:00 am, although some nightclubs are open until sunrise.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Iliana

    03. 08. 2016

    For a more chilled back atmosphere head down the back road of Khao San where there call it "Rambutri" This road is similar to Khao San but just a little laid back. The decorations along both sides of the streets holds the similar colors and tones.. Authentic like in a way ... Walk with a loved one and feel as if you're on a honeymoon. Multiple bars and restaurants, to tasty street food and deserts. Personally, from staying here .. The prices are cheap but it does not apply to "everything" so walk around a few times and then make your purchasing. One of my favorite places here was "Madame Musur" A Northern-Thai style bar and restaurant. Northern Thai food is not easily to be made with the original spices and ingredients anymore but right in this very place.. It will hit you to the spot just right! F&B are tasty and the price, is suitable. The music they play here is a mix of 60s Pop, Classics and chill out beats. Splendid staff, super helpful and friendly. I for one, will definitely be coming back to make more memories and enjoy their menu!

  • Donovan

    02. 08. 2016

    You want crazy? You want cheap? You want the girls and all the fun with some spicy tang of street food? Here at Khao San Road, you can find the best combination. From twilight till sunlight the road never dies! It can not stay quiet! In case you do think of staying in a hotel-hostel here .. just keep in mind that you're going to have to tolerate the "rumbles" that goes around. From the music and shouts to some fights and pouts. Numerous bars you can choose to go to with variant beats, lovely girls and super friendly.. just wanted to share that. Put aside that, Khao San offers you a 3 in 1 package. Get your food - order how you like it. They can whip up any flavor to your desire (just let them know), do your shopping, party hard and top it off with a massage if you'd like! Prices are incredibly cheap.. you don't even "have to" negotiate! Good people, good vibes. Good beats with a cold beer. It's all here in Khao San.

  • Alexas

    02. 08. 2016

    Khao San Road. The night OF life..they say. Enjoy it all on just "one" road. Cross the street from shopping to having beer.. Or you could just do both! Little shops are on both sides of the street. Original prices are already cheap.. negotiating down a bit more is always possible. Do some shopping, buy souvenirs in a great price and the quality is actually not bad! As the sun goes down the music from both sides will turn itself up a beat and make you want to start rumbling. So after shopping, hit a bar - take a beer, sit down and relax or jump and sway to your surroundings' beats.. This road holds various bars with many friendly staff. Smiles and laughter are always going to make you enjoy you night a little bit more.. Getting hungry? Nothing to worry about there, as they have little stalls and shops along the whole road. From 7-11 to the Traditional Thai dish called "Phad Thai" The flavors of Thailand's stir fried noodles is definite that it will leave you with an orgasm. From shopping, drinking, eating to dancing your night away as dawn comes,. it's all here.. Easy to come, fun to stay and a memorable play..


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