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Discover Khlong Toey Market - Bangkok


Trip Guru suggests a quick trip to the Khlong Toey Market for hungry adventurers. A khlong toey is a canal that was dug in the 1850s and is named Canal of the Pandan Leaves. It is the largest wet market in the entire Thai capital and is an important cargo port. The entire market is close to an MRT station and draws in all sorts of people, from noodle vendors to fancy restaurant owners. Come if you don’t mind getting up close and personal with your food—exotic food such as turtles and even bugs are on sale in this one-of-a-kind market! You can also find clothes and stationery, as well as kitchenware as well.

If you want to experience the authenticity of the lives of the Thai people, visit the Khlong Toey Market. This is an essential hub for the freshest ingredients, which will be a sure delight to photographers. There’s nothing like the awe of soaking in the scent of the freshest caught fish of the day while partaking of a quick snack in the form of steamed dumplings, sweets, and grilled meat.

While in Thailand, it’s important to note that pointing at somebody is considered rude. If you need to gesture towards a specific person, you can lift your chin in their direction. And when you want somebody to come over, keep your fingers straight, palm down and then wave. This rule does not apply to animals and inanimate objects, however, just people—you need not worry about pointing out vegetables or fruits that you would like to buy.

The best time to visit this market is from 5am to 2am, as by then all the vendors have gone. The market is a travel photographer’s dream. Chaotic and full of interesting sounds, smells, and tastes, it’s surely one adventure you will never forget. To get to the Khlong Toey Market, take the MRT to Queen Sirikit station. When you exit, follow the signs for Khlong Toey Market. When you reach the street level, walk straight ahead, walk up the overpass and choose a side of the market to go into.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Jagan

    27. 08. 2016

    Food Foood Fooood! This is where I bought all my cooking ingredients. From the fresh meats to the green and greener vegetables. Feels to me that it’s a bit hidden from the busy roads. Which is quite nice. While shopping if you’re that hungry they do have side street food stalls that sell the Thai curries and soups served with rice or without of your own choice. I had Masamun curry with rice. It’s an orange curry with potato and chicken it was so good! I asked how to make it. They lady took some time with me to find the right words in Google translate so I can go buy the stuff. We ended taking pictures of everything so I could just show it around! The best place to buy food ingredients!

  • Harrison

    27. 08. 2016

    First thing that has me still thinking about Klhong Teoi Market id the strong smell of blood. The meats there are fresh all right! No worries about that! There are sections with a greener smell vegetables and chili paste for curries but be careful of the meat section. The scent really stays in your nose no matter how hard you pinch it! What was best about the market was it’s as fresh as they say it is! No shiny packages. Pick all the chilis and vegetables fruits etc by hand yourself. The price in unbelievable cheap!


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