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Discover Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy in Sukhumvit nightlife - Bangkok


During its early hours, Sukhumvit Road is a highly urbanized cosmopolitan and shopping center in Bangkok. However, when the sun starts to set and the sky turns to dusk it transforms into a vibrant pathway riddled with go-go bars and clubs. This popular red light district has a lot of establishments to turn up the night, but among all of those places, The Nana Entertainment Plaza and So iCowboy are some of the hottest spots in Sukhumvit that you should definitely not miss.

Entering The Nana Entertainment Plaza can get a little intimidating due to the different locations you can sit down and have a drink. But it is because of all the varying colors of neon lights brightening up the area, the atmosphere will help snap you out from all your worries. Along the entrances of the establishments, you are greeted with street vendors, all ready to serve you the local favorites such as som tum and kai tod. The Soi Cowboy, on the other hand, is much brighter and has a carnival feel to it, and yet, it is more laid-back. Here, you can have a drink for only 100 to 150 Baht, and chat with both locals and foreigners alike. Everyone here just wants you to relax and have a good time.

The easiest way to get to any of these areas is to take the MRT at Hua Lamphong station, and head towards the Sukhumvit Station. Soi Cowboy is located between Asoke Road and Sukhumvit Soi 23. The Nana Entertainment Plaza is just minutes away and is just a short walk from this location.

The usual opening hours of entertainment establishments in Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road is around 7:00 pm to 1:00 am, so Trip Guru suggests that if you want to experience a night in Bangkok like no other, arrive as early as possible. It is also wise to bring a few friends along to keep you safe, for these areas are known to get rowdy, and bring extra cash for the entrance fees of the clubs vary.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Francisco

    09. 08. 2016

    I can see why they call it the District of Red lights! Nana. Girls will come right up to you and try to drag you to a table in front of their bars. Shouting louder than the music! But hey, they do it in a way that isn't so pushy. They really have tricks for these things. Next thing you know, you're enjoying a few beers with your friends and some new ones! Prices for a beer isn't as bad as you think.. The place we were in is called DC-10. I just enjoyed watching my homies get down. My girl was already with me at the time. You might bring someone home at the end of the night.. **Be sure to ask about prices first.. (A friend of mine told me to throw this in.. super important for the huntsmen)

  • Apit

    08. 08. 2016

    In different streets of Sukhumvit there's always a different atmosphere. My mates and I have been up and down the places for nightlife in BKK. Soi Cowboy for instance. If you don't mind the loud blasting music in your ears (even when outside the club) this street is considered an average acceptable range in prices. Some of my friends enjoyed it here a lot since the "showgirls" were very optional and weren't "pushy" Just be nice with them offer a drink, it's only 200BHT. Offer more if you're interested. my mates and I checked both in and outside of the bars down this street. Inside was a bit humid, from all the poles and the pussycats showing their moves around it. For outside you can sit back relax. Swing a beer and enjoy yourself. Until you decide if you want to spend the night alone or not.. =]

  • Harrison

    08. 08. 2016

    Sukhumvit Road holds a jungle and mix of clubs, pubs and bars. My mates and I were really into this one club called "Levels" though. Their beats were alright and the drink list wasn't high sky in prices. For me.. the view killed whatever bad emotion I was feeling inside that day. Levels. Great place to go with friends or a special someone. At Levels terrace, they had a different kind of beat. Wooden seating areas. Start conversations, light a cig and enjoy the breeze after all the dancing. Look at the moon and stare up to the stars even. See I know this cause my mate is such a romantic, he was dancing with this one Asian chic on the dance floor, next thing he's missing and US trying to find him. We find him cuddling up outside with that Asian hottie. After the club closes all along the side of the street are food carts. BBQ chicken, noodles etc. You will survive trust me!


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