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Discover Silom Road nightlife - Bangkok


Silom Road is a well-known corporate ground for its financial institutions, commercial complex, and for its shopping and business districts. But at night, it becomes the best red light district where you can spend your evenings in Bangkok. For many foreigners, Silom is the most popular place to be, because it not only caters to those who love to sit down and drink, but it also has numerous bars and clubs where you can find that specific flavor of fun.

If you want to have the sky as your party floor, then head down to the Sky Bar at the Lebua State Tower. After being part of the movie, The Hangover II, it has garnered immense success and is known to get packed every night. However, its party atmosphere is always overshadowed by the gorgeous birds-eye view of the city below. To cap off the night, visit Maggie Choo’s, a snazzy drinking spot located in the basement of Novotel Bangkok Fenix Silom Hotel, and enjoy sipping your last glass of the day, surrounded by its Cantonese-inspired design. Another area which you should not miss is the Patpong district. Here, you will be able to rekindle your party spirit and get a chance to bring something back with you from the night market.

The simplest way to get to Silom is by MRT. You can hop on in any station in Bangkok, get off at Silom station, and the entrance of Lumphini Park will be near you. You can also take the Chao Phraya Express boat from Phahurat or Yaowarat. Ticket costs around 18 Baht.

The opening hours of Silom’s evening establishments vary, and only some are allowed to stay open until 2:00 am. Trip Guru would like to remind you to be wary of your surroundings for it can get pretty crowded and rough during its peak hours. It is also wise to bring a couple of friends along with you.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Harrison

    08. 08. 2016

    AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, Oi Oi Oi! My mates and I are sick over Ashley Sutton. We love drinking and we love art. We're currently traveling through SE. Currently at BKK then heading down South. We checked out Silom just to see Sutton's new designs. Maggie Choo's Bar. It was hilarious really. Ben (My best mate), was saying to the waiter: Is this all there is? Sutton's creations are.. more, more - he wasn't able to finish as our jaws dropped when we saw another opening behind a secret door that was opened for us. I tell you, it was super stylish (again Harry Potter-ish), The buzz here is great for business parties and a good hang out with friends. Great cocktails but a better wine list, friendly staff with the brightest smiles and the decor was just "a dreams come true" for the Potter fans. Careful with the drinks..they do add up..

  • Cynthia

    08. 08. 2016

    Believe it or not but my group of girls and I.. we went on hard and hit Patpong District on Silom Road. The land of ladyboys and pussycat dolls. We've watched a lot of men strip dancing.. we wanted a change so we came here! My friend Kate was drunk to the point she wanted to get naughty with one of the "GIRLS" who was doing a live sex show. She wasn't even interested in the guy! We also checked out a place called "King's Castle" Wow. The girls are actually good looking.. but then you can't tell if it's a cat or a dragon.. This district holds all the Go-Go bars and shows you could think of. The Ping Pong show was probably the best for us girls.. Our "V" even tightened themselves cause.. Dear me.. The things they can do with "it" Blowing out candles.. taking out knives.. CRAZY! There is also a side street market with the cutest G-Strings! We all bought a bunch to bring home!

  • Brian

    07. 08. 2016

    Anything classy is what we love.. So when we arrived here my mates and I checked out a few sky bars. My mates say they like SKY BAR most, it's got the best view on the exact right angle - of course it does.. it's a 360 degrees view from the 63rd floor! From my perspective, the place is magnificent but the prices were.. too high. With the view you wouldn't be disappointed, just have in mind that you aren't just paying for your drinks.. the price will have it's atmosphere additions as well.. Don't drink too fast now!


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