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Ananda Temple

The Museum-like Experience in Bagan’s Ananda Temple


Historically, temples serve as places of worship to thousands of devotees. It is here wherein the faithful can offer their prayers, wishes, and the like to the beings they believe in; and although this is the primary focus of almost all structures, overtime they have developed a reputation of being a sought after destination, for those who are interested in architectural history and art. The process of creating such marvels is not easy and it takes a lot of time, effort, and detail. However, once the construction is done, people are left with an extraordinary monument that can be loved by the generations to come. In Bagan, Myanmar, one such structure exists and it is known as the Ananda Temple.

Built in the year 1105AD during the reign of King Kyanzittha, the Ananda Temple is just one of the four surviving temples located in the ancient city of Bagan. Once travelers walk towards the temple’s entrance, they are greeted with an opulent display of Pagan Dynasty architecture. With its white archway, layered roof made out of stoned, and all topped with a golden tip that reaches the skies, visitors feel as if they are walking in the same era with kings and nobles. Inside, the Ananda Temple was constructed as if it were a museum. Four colossal statues of the Buddha are encrusted with gold leaf, each stationed in the four major halls of the structure, stone images of the enlightened one are etched in the outer vaulted corridors, and plaques that tell the tales of jataka, scatter across the walls – a great way to present the past through the eyes of the present generation.

Just like any sacred space, the Ananda Temple requires all visitors, be it local or foreign, to follow the dress code. In order to enjoy your stay fully, Trip Guru suggest that you should wear garments that cover your knees and shoulders, and in case there are rooms wherein you need to take of your shoes, please do so.

It is quite easy to get to Ananda Temple from Old Bagan via public transport or private car. From Old Bagan, head south and after 850m turn left onto Anawratha Road. After driving for 1.2km, turn left and the temple should be on your left side.

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