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Explore the Remnants of the Khmer Empire at Angkor Thom


Although Cambodia highly regards the Angkor Wat as its most treasured historical site, there are other destinations that can relive the tales of the Khmer Empire, like Angkor Thom. Even if this site does share similar features as most temples in the country, it has unique design features that can only be found within its walls. Built during the reign of King Jayavarman VII, Angkor Thom was known to be the last and the most enduring capital city of the empire. This site , is adorned with intricate architectural marvels in which travelers will surely enjoy exploring on foot.

From afar, Angkor Thom might look like time has slowly made it crumble, but upon closer observation one will realize that these misaligned formation of stone is part of its design. There are five monumental gates and each gate leads onto a causeway across the moat. 54 gods, both on the left and right, flank upon each portal and depicts the Hindu myth of the Churning of the Milk-Ocean. There is also the Terrace of the Elephants, a wall carved with images of elephants and Garudas, which was used as the viewing platform for royal parties; Bayon Temple, a Buddhist temple that retains elements of Hindu cosmology and imagery, and the most popular south gate, which has been restored and leads directly to Angkor Wat.

Angkor Thom is located in Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park in Siam Reap. Yes, it is a vast space filled with Khmer history that is why Trip Guru wishes to advise future visitors that in order to fully enjoy their stay in Angkor Thom, they must take a tuk-tuk and their time and explore the ruins for more than one day. Moreover, to cover more ground, it is better to be inside the complex around 5:00AM so that you may also bathe in the country’s sunrise.

To get to the Archaeological Park from Siem Reap, you need to take a private car and drive along NR6. After 150m, take a right turn and continue driving for 2.5km before taking a left turn. Then, continue on for 359m and the park should be at your left. It is open from 5:00AM to 6:00PM and passes are priced at $20 (1 day), $40 (3 days), and $60 (7 days).

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