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Bohol Chocolate Hills

Viewing Nature’s Wonder, the Chocolate Hills in Bohol Island


Although technically not part of Cebu, the Chocolate Hills found in Bohol Island often finds itself part of a traveler’s itinerary when they get to the Queen City of the South. These hills are considered a wonder of nature, and are geologically formed. There are over a thousand hills in the area, and while these hills are usually green most of the year, during the dry season, these turn brown, hence the name.

The Chocolate Hills are considered Bohol’s main tourist draw, due to the fact that there are hundreds of these that can be viewed by visitors from an observation platform on top of one of the hills. These hills are not that big, with the tallest one standing 120 meters high. Each hill has a conical shape, and people call their formation a mystery since geologists cannot seem to agree on how these came to be.

Going to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol will give you the chance to view a wonder of nature, although there is really not much to do when you get there. Apart from looking at mounds of land, you might also find yourself listening to legends and folklore regarding the formation of such hills. Some of these legends involve giants hurling rocks and stones at each other, while others involve one giant that fell in love with a mortal, who later died, causing the giant to cry tears that created the mounds that are in the area.

Trip Guru recommends that you make this trip in one day, since there is not that much to do at the hills. Getting to Bohol is not that difficult since there are few airlines that do fly directly to the island from Manila as well as from Cebu. You can also take fastcraft and boats from Cebu to Tagbilaran, or from Cebu to Tubigon Bohol. Getting to the hills can be done with the help of some of the many day tour providers in the area, although you can choose to go there on your own. From Tagbilaran, which is the capital city of Bohol, you can take a bus to Carmen. You can also take a bus from Tubigon to Carmen. Inform the bus driver that you are going to the hills, and they will drop you off near the hill complex, which is a ten minute walk from the main road.

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