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Sea Kayaking and Lagoon Adventures at Cadlao Island


Cadlao Island is an impressive sort of island; its presence being quite close to town makes it a very popular landmark. In ironic fashion, since it is quite close to town, it's often ignored by tourists, so if you wish to go somewhere private and undisturbed, sometimes it's best to look closer, rather than farther away. For this, Trip Guru can recommend Cadlao Island.

An interesting way to get around Cadlao Island is to try out sea kayaking, where you can take yourself around a mini-tour. One of the things you shouldn't miss is to paddle to Nat-Nat Beach, just across El Nido. When you get there, you can see that for all the land surrounding the beach, ther are virtually no people, save for perhaps one caretaker and a few frequent visitors. You can also enjoy seeing coral and sea anemones if you choose to go snorkeling. But for all the beautiful beaches in the world, the one thing that makes Cadlao so unique is the Cadlao Lagoon.

When you get to the lagoon, you are treated to the sight of the stuff that only movies are made of: beautiful limestone cliff formations that look like they could contain an entire world underwater. Because the Cadlao Lagoon's waters are clear and shallow, you can choose to go snorkeling and see fish, coral, starfish and if you're lucky, large cuttlefish. Just take care not to swim too near to the lagoon's maw, as jellyfish may be floating there. But overall, there’s beautiful and numerous coral to admire whilst underwater, and overall, being there gives a pleasant feeling of disconnection from the technologies of the outside world. While in Cadlao Island, you can also spend more time in quiet contemplation or perhaps just have fun and capture numerous photographs of your experiences to share with friends and family.

To get to Cadlao Island, you can get a boat from El Nido, where there are boatmen who will be happy to take you to where you wish to go, or if you enjoy a challenge, you can also get a sea kayak and paddle your way across Cadlao Island yourself.

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